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The next morning I was a woken by a blowhorn. I got up.

"I AM UP!" I screeched on top of my lungs. I heard some one run away down the hall.

Ugh... I have to pay for braking that table to day... What a drag... I sighed climbing out of bed and got ready. I yawned.

"I feel so lazy today.... Better take my laptop..." I mumbled. I grabbed my laptop and school bag then off to school I went.

I dozed all the way to school and dragged my feet to class. Clasping in the seat next to Honey, Mori looked at me.

"You all right Sa-chan?" he asked sweetly. I blinked and yawned.

"Yeah, a little sleepy. I worked a little late last night," I said shrugging. My head almost hit the desk when some one shook me. "Huh?"

I looked up to see Mori looking at me with a hint of concern.

"Here," he said handing me a coffee. I blinked.

That was the first time I ever heard him speak. Man his voice sounds so good.

"Thanks," I said taking the coffee. He nodded. Mori is a pretty nice guy.

"Okay, everyone pay attention. Class is starting," said the teacher.


After classes I made my way towards music room 3. I opened the door to see the room was decorated like a tropical paradise. I sweat dropped.

Really it is still early spring.

The guys well... they looked good. Haruhi was just wearing the school uniform.

I was walking over to Kyoya when I heard Tamaki saying something about sponsoring a party. Girl asking the twins about it too. Then...

"But I really wanted to spend some time with you Koaru," Hikaru said Bringing his face towards his brother.

"Don't be upset Hikaru. I know exactly how you feel," Koaru said staring in to his twins eyes. the girls in front of them started to freak squeal I sighed and rolled my eyes.

I made my way over to Kyoya and Haruhi, who were talking in front of a bar. Haruhi looked irritated and was mumbling something about "so he is behind this." I looked at her in confusion. Then I heard Honey yell.

"Takeshi!" Honey said. I looked over and literally saw Honey climb up Mori and put a red flowered bea around his neck and give him a hug. "There we match."

Mori stood there with a blank expression on his face. Haruhi walked over to her table and I finished my walk over to Kyoya.

"Hello Miss. Nazo," he said looking up from his book.

"Hello Kyoya. I am here about the coffee table," I said.

"I see. Can it wait after the club is done?" he asked.

"Afraid not. I have to get to work soon," I said.

"I see then. How are you going to pay?" Kyoya said.

"I brought my laptop. I figured I could wire you the money," I said.

"Alright," Kyoya. He turned around and opened up his laptop. I set mine up. A few minutes later. I had paid my debt in full. "All paid."

"Yep..." I said yawning. I saw a girl with haruhi.

"From now on you are my new favorite host," she said. Tamaki's whole body went white.

"Who is she?" I asked Kyoya. He looked over.

"That is Kanako Kasugazaki, she is a host hopper. Picking a new host to go to often," Kyoya said. I nodded. I yawned again and swayed. I grabbed on to the bar.

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