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"Ah!" I yelled sitting up. 

What the heck was that?


Is that a freaking car horn?!

I stumbled out of bed and looked out the window. At the gate stood a blonde honking his car horn. I yawned.

This better be for a good reason or they are going to get it.

I quickly got dressed. I through my pink hair into a messy bun, pulling on a neon blue dress, my black hoodie, and black sandals. I ran out of my room and down to the entrance hall.

"What's with the noise?" I asked. Misaki turned around.

"Miss Sakura! I don't know! So one pulled up to the gate asking to see you and I told them that you were not accepting visitors today. Then out of no where, a blonde boy climbed out the back of his limo and starting honking the horn! Miss Sakura I think that boy is crazy!" Misaki said with fright.

"Blonde? Why di I get the feeling I know who it is?" I said. "Let them in. Then when they come in escort them to the lounge. I am going to go to the kitchen and getting food."

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a banana. 

"Nobu, can you make some tea nd bring it to the lounge please?" I asked the chef.

"Yes Miss Sakura," Nobu said. I smiled.

"Thanks," I said leaving the room and going in to the lounge.

There on the couch sat the honker himself. Tamaki.

He looked at me and smiled.

"Hello Princess," Tamaki said.

"I am not a Princess. Hello Tamaki," I said sitting beside him on the couch. Nobu brought in 2 tea cups and sat them on the coffee table. I nodded to him and he left the room. I made Tamaki some tea. "Why are you here Tamaki?"

Tamaki sat his cup down and looked at me.

"I was worried about my little girl. Daddy misses you!" Tamaki wined. I raised my eyebrow.

"Seriously Tamaki? You caused havoc, just because you were worried about me?" I asked. "Not only that you scared several workers here."

Tamaki looked down. " I am sorry, but that in is not the only reason why I came. something has happened at the Haninozuka resident. No one could get a hold of you so I came over."

I stood up and Tamaki looked at me.

"Well are you coming?" I asked. He looked confused. "To Honey's house?"

His face brightened and jumped up, running out of the house.  I followed him.

"Wait Miss Sakura!" Misaki yelled. I looked back "Here." She handed me my cell phone.

"Thank you," I said before climbing into the back of Tamaki's car.


When we pulled up there was firetrucks and an ambulance out front. The car stopped and I jumped out of the car. Tamaki followed me. We ran towards Kyoya who was standing by an ambulance.

"Kyoya!" Tamaki shouted. Kyoya turned around. I saw the rest of the Host Club minus Mori.

"Tamaki there you are. I see you brought Miss Sakura," Kyoya said. We stopped beside him. I looked into the ambulance and saw Honey sitting there holding his bunny tightly. I walked to him and

"Honey, are you alright?" I asked. Honey looked up at me.

"Sa-chan!" Honey cried throwing his arms around me. I instantly hugged him back.

"Its okay Honey. I am right here.," I said. Honey's cries quieted down.

"What happened?' I heard Haruhi asked.

"Well apparently a fire started in the kitchen and spread throughout the house. Luckily no one was hurt," Kyoya said. 

"Where's Mori?" Hikaru asked. Honey whimpered and I patted his hair.

"At his house with the police. A family rival decided that it would be funny to destroy his family home," Kyoya said.

"Wow," Kaoru said.

"Takashi," Honey whispered.

"He is alright Honey. He will be here when he is done with the police," I said.

Poor Honey. I am glad he is okay. He must be worried about Takashi. Please get here soon.


Awhile has passed. We are all currently sitting on the floor of one of the Haninozuka dojos. Mori and his family arrived.

"So, what's the situation at your house?" asked Yorihisa. Takashi's father bowed his head and sighed.

"They totally trashed the place. Broke the furniture, smashed the windows, tore up everything outside, pulled everything out all the drawers, and so much more damage," said Akira Morinozuka. "How about your place?"

"The kitchen is ruined and part of the dinning room. There is smoke damage all over the house. I don't even know about the electrical damage," Yorihisa sighed.

"What are we going to do?" asked Reiko.

"There is  our guest house, but I am afraid it is not big enough to fit both of our families," Yorihisa said. "Our only other option is the house and dojo on the other side of the city. But that is to far from the childerens school." 

Honey looked sadened. Mori looked at him in worry. I place my hand on Honey's back.

"Unless two of the kids find a place to stay, we are going have to go to the other house," Reiko said.

Two of them. Hmm....

"Honey?" I asked him. He looked up at me.

"Do you want to come stay at my house?" I asked. Honey eyes grew wide.

"Really?" he asked

"Of course! You are a dear friend to me. I would do anything to help you," I said smiling. "That is if your parents don't mind." Honey looked at his parents.

"Miss Nazo we can't ask you to do that," Yorihisa asked.

"I don't mind. Honey is wonderful to have around. Plus it would be nice to have a cake eating buddy," I said.

"Well then, Honey may live with you till our home has been repaired," Yorihisa said.

"Yay!" Honey said jumping up and cheering. He looked at me. "Can Takashi stay too?"

"Of course. If it is alright with him and his family," I said.

"That is a wonderful idea! Right Takashi?" Reiko asked him. Mori nodded.

"It is settled then. Misukuni and Takashi will be staying with Miss Nazo," said Akira.

"Yay!" Honey said giving both Mori and I a hug. We both hugged back.

Well my life has got a whole lot more interesting.


Here you people are! Hope you enjoyed!

Here is a spoiler!

Sakura is seen without her hoodie on and see what she really looks like. Who will it be? How will they react? All shall be revealed in chapters to come. *insert evil laughter here*

Byez For now! \(o^o)/

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