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Kitten In The Host Club by KylanlovesHeIsWe
Kitten In The Host Clubby Kylan
What happens when a boy goes to the host room and breaks a vase. This a yaoi love story. Don't hate.
System: Change the fate by Nisha_lucy
System: Change the fateby LUCY
Adria Campbell had everything in her life. Her family pampered her. She really had everything that she wanted except a BOYFRIEND.There were many proposals... BUT No one...
Oblivious || Hikaru Hitachiin Love Story by poisonbeautyrage
Oblivious || Hikaru Hitachiin M a d d i e
After the death of her parents, Miyoko moves to Japan to live with her uncle and cousin, Haruhi. While attending the prestigious school, Ouran Academy, Miyoko and Haruhi...
It's Bittersweet (OHSHC Fanfic) by Drowning_out_sound
It's Bittersweet (OHSHC Fanfic)by Ellie
Years ago, there was a scandal in the Haninozuka family. One of the family members was disowned for abusing the Haninozuka style and taking training to dangerous extreme...
SÄDÏSTÏC TŸPË [ OHSHC x MALE! READER! ] (OHSHC Fanfic) by AikoSunbarashi
This book is a boy x boy fanfiction. If you are not a fan of that, please just get away from this book as far as possible. Edit: Hello there. Before you read this book...
The Disciplined Type(Ouran High School Host Club) by ShilohChoice
The Disciplined Type(Ouran High ghbili-8itch
(MaleOCxhost) Haruhi had stumbled upon music room 3, broke a vase, and was now being forced to pay the price. Forced to join the Ouran Host Club, Haruhi meets all the...
Not A Bad Idea by IINew_YorkII
Not A Bad Ideaby 𝐀𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐧 𝐄𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐬
Todoroki asked Bakugou to try and do a podcast together for fun, I mean they're only in high school and sophomores need something to do. Bakugou agreed to get free lunch...
 *{ Love or Host featuring. Wilbur Soot }*  by a_vegetable
*{ Love or Host featuring. 🥕
"I thought about the great people I've met and how I found the person I love most on a Love or Host Featuring. Wilbur Soot." "I wish I could have told the...
villain boss(s-3) by minminmin2003
villain boss(s-3)by ကလေး
ဒီficလေးကို ဖတ်တော့မယ်ဆိုရင်အရင်ဦးဆုံး ကလေးရဲ့အရင်ကောင့်က ကျော်ဇေထက်လေးကိုဖတ်ပေးပါ တကယ်လို့မသိရင်ကလေးရဲ့ RL ထဲကိုဝင်ကြည့်လိုက်ပါနော်..ကျော်ဇေထက်လေးကs-1 ဖြစ်ပြီး..စောင့်...
Dead Eyes (Kyoya X OC) by lovelyxion
Dead Eyes (Kyoya X OC)by Sam
(COMPLETED) Kainé is starting her second year at Ouran Academy. She's very intelligent for someone her age. But she's not like most girls. She doesn't talk much and isn'...
Why Me? (Tamaki X Reader) by Dragoraven24
Why Me? (Tamaki X Reader)by Dragoraven24
Your best friend drags you to her favorite club and the second you step inside Music Room 3, you hate it. But you find yourself in a situation that you cannot get out of...
System 196: Steal the Male Lead by Kyaanox
System 196: Steal the Male Leadby Keana
My mission is to... Steal the male lead. ( Pictures not mine. Original Story. )
The Red Carpet Awards 2022 by yours_truly_XC
The Red Carpet Awards 2022by Xavier Cruz
'THE RED CARPET AWARDS' IS IN THE JUDGING PROCESS _________________________________________________ 🌌Welcome talented writers and readers to 'THE RED CARPET AWARDS'🌌 I...
Markiplier Egos x Reader by AlpacaZombies
Markiplier Egos x Readerby Alpaca
One-shots and Headcanons with Mark's Egos This includes all of Mark's egos except the Silver Shepard or Ed Edgar. I don't know enough about them to write about them. I a...
Genius? Idol? Girl?! (OHSHC) by otakuM13
Genius? Idol? Girl?! (OHSHC)by otakuM13
Kohaku is a genius and an idol in disguise. She's admitted to Ouran Academy on a scholarship. When her friend breaks a vase, she encounters the host club...
Ouran High School Host Club Boyfriend Scenarios and One Shots by vampsensei
Ouran High School Host Club vampsensei
Lovely Boyfriend Scenario's, mixed with One-Shots, with the cast of Ouran High School Host Club! This Book consists of: Mori ♥, Tamaki, Kyoya, Honey, Hikaru, and Kaoru
The Shadow King's Princess (An OHSHC Fanfic) [Completed] by UnchainedHeart
The Shadow King's Princess (An Kat
Zaira Bello hasn't been to Japan for more than a week at a time in five years. Upon facing her parents death, though, a friend and business partner of her mother's offer...
The Lady Way [OHSHC] [Kyoya] by Izabelacchi
The Lady Way [OHSHC] [Kyoya]by ♥ I.C ♥
[COMPLETED] "If you're going to do something, do it the lady way." Straight forward, gracefully , not letting anyone in your way and keeping your eyes on...
ဇာတ္လိုက္ကို လုယူမယ္(zgi,uni) Pt.(2) (OC) by KKMJPKJL
ဇာတ္လိုက္ကို လုယူမယ္(zgi,uni) Pt.( Emily💜
႐ွင္း႐ွင္းေလးရဲ႕ part.2
A Forced Fiancé by Princely-Idiotic
A Forced Fiancéby Royal Idiot
/HIATUS/ ((Boy X OC Boy)) ((OHSHC Fanfiction)) "I thought this was one sided. . ." "Does that mean. . .?" "It means I feel the same." ...