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Takashi and Mitsukuni departed from me for their exams while I made my way to the Exam room that was reserved for Haruhi. A wierd guy wearing a lad coat walked into the school.

Kyoya still hasn'y told me the plan for "Operation: Conceal Haruhis' Gender." All I know is that the Hosts are planning on getting revenge. I wouldn't blame them. Tamaki did say that they were Homosexuals and Kyoya wasn't to happy with the supporting cast part.

When I walked in I saw with a female doctor. She looked up at me from her clipboard thenlooked back down. I sat at a stool close to the window.

Kyoya must have told her I was coming.

Squeals began to echo throughout the school.

Looks like the Hosts are taking their exams now. Haruhi shouldn't be to much longer. I just hope that they at least behind the curtains when they strip at least. They are probably going to squeal louder when Takashi strips. My heart began to hurt a little. I don't understand, why is my heart hurting? Am I jealous? Nope not possible... I don't like Takashi....that way... At least... may be... I don't know!

I huffed. 

"Ahhh!" Tamaki voice echoed. I smirked.

Their plan must have started. They will have to tell me about it later. Man I got to go! I shouldn't have drank all thet water!

I rushed out of the room and went straight to the bathroom.


I walked back in to see a guy leaning against a now broken wall. Haruhi had a jacket over her shoulders. The Hosts were standing around her. I took a closer look at the guy.

"Hey thats the guy I saw earlier," I said. All the Hosts sweatdropped. "So whats going on?"

"This man here says he is looking for his daughter. But he has made a mistake for this school being the Public one and in his mix up caused some trouble," Kyoya said pushing up his glasses.

"Oh, why is he looking for his daughter?" I asked.

"Apparently, his family left him because he is in debt," Kyoya answered. The guy on the floor was crying silently. I walked over to him and knelt before him.

"Need help finding your daughter?" I asked. He looked up at me.

"Yes, but I have caused enough trouble," he replied.

"Don't worry about it. I will have a friend of mine drive you to the public schools. You can find your daughter that way," I said.

"Thank you."

I gave him a soft smile. I quickly pulled out my phone taking a picture of the man then called Lee.

"Yes Miss?" he asked.

"Hello Lee. I just sent you a picture of a man. He will be out in front of the school. I want you to drive him around to the public schools so he can find his daughter," I explained.

"Very well. Good-Bye," Lee said.

"Bye Lee," I said hanging up. "He is going to be in front of the school. Look for a man named Lee."

"You are very kind. Thank you very much again!" he said jumping up and running towards the front of the school.

"Now that is solved. Everyone out so I can finish my exam!" Haruhi yelled. Honey jumped on to my back. The Hosts filed out of the room.

"I am staying! Daddy needs to stay to make sure no men peek on his little girl!" Tamaki cried. I grabbed a hold of his ear dragging him out of the room. 

Once we were in the club room Tamaki ran over to his depressed corner growing mushrooms again. I sughed.

"So, what happened?" I asked Kyoya who was sitting across from me at the table. The Twins sat to me left and Takashi sat to me right. Honey slept soundly in a bed on the other side of the room.

"Well when it became Haruhis' turn, she went behind a curtain where Tamaki waited. Honey and Mori were dressed like doctors. The twins were being the twins. While I -" 

"While he stood there," the twins said cutting off Kyoya.

"Yes. Back to what I was saying. Tamaki came out from behind the curtain wearing a brown wig. The girls automatically knew it was him. Tamaki began to scream and yell at us. We revealed it was revenge. Then he started eroding away. You know the rest.," Kyoya said. I started to laugh.

"You guys are geniuses!" I laughed. the Hosts lookat me weird. Haruhi walked into the room.

"Hey, did you get your Physical?" Haruhi asked.

"Yes I did last week from my personal doctor, Dai Hideaki, and coincidentally he is my uncle."

"Your Uncle?" Tamaki asked.

"Yes, Tamaki my uncle the brother of my Grandpa Hiro of my mothers side," I said. 


When I returned home Honey went to the sweets room accompanied by Takashi. I changed and started to train in the dojo.

I balanced on top of and 8ft. pole on my hand with the rest of my body in the air.

Breath in... Breath out... In.. out....

Then I heard the door slide open. I looked up


I left Mitsukuni in the sweets room eating strawberry cake. I made my way to the dojo.

Sakura goes to great lengths to conceal what she looks like... that was showed today. At least I know more about her family.

I sighed sliding open the dojo door and froze. Sakura balanced on top of an 8 foot pole looking at me. A blush formed over our faces.

"H-hey Takashi," she said. "I will get out of your way."

Sakura  gracefully flipped off the pole and landed in a cat like position. She stood up. We looked at each other for several seconds. She wore a short sleeved shirt with her arms completely bandaged and a pair of shorts that had bandages covering her legs.

Sakura... you hide almost every inch of you body? Why?

Sakura made her way over to me and stopped in front of me.

"Um... Takashi," she said. I snapped out of my trance.

"Yeah?" i asked. Sakura clasped her hands behind her. Is she okay?

"I was invited to a party for my so called step-sister and I am allowed to bring one other. So I was wondering if you wouldn't mind going with me?" she asked. She didn't look at my face but at the ground.

Sakura is asking me out.... Maybe I will get to know her more.

I smiled and replied... "i would love to."

Sakura looked up at me wide eyed with happiness written crossed her face. Her beautifully stunning smile formed on her face. My heart skipped a beat.

Your smile is one of the many things why I am falling for you...


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