I love you (demi lovato and ross lynch) chapter 1

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Demi's pov:

So I just arrived at the airport I went over in my head again and again "i'm ready for this i'm ready for this" then I heard that it was time to get on the plane so I got my bags and and stepped onto the plane and sat down on my seat put my ear phones in and fell asleep.

4 hours later:

I woke up just In time I got off of the plane and got my bags and I couldn't believe it I was actually in L.A I was actually living my dream and with my best friend (her name is selena by the way)

Ross pov:

I was waiting at the air port with my family I was waiting for my friends joe nick Kevin and miley they were coming from New York we where all best friends but everyone knows except nick that miley likes him and everyone

Knows except miley that nick likes her back I turnt round fast as I heardy name being called by my brother rocky who works at the shop at the air port but that was a bad Idea cause as I turned found I accidentally hit a girl and I fell on top of her but to embarrass myself more I didn't get up cause I couldn't takes eyes off of her she was George's s-she was breath taking.

That's it for now hope you enjoyed it and keep on reading it xoxoxo

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