I love you (ross lynch and demi lovato)chapter 14

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Carrying on:

Rydel:(knocks I Ross's door)Ross can I come in

Ross:yea sure

Rydel:how are you doing (shuts the door behind her)

Ross:I'm alright still can't get her out of my mind but other that that I'm fine

Rydel:you really need to go out cause we have a tour in less that 2 weeks and we have an interview in 2 DAYS so get up

Ross:I will be fine for then and I'm not going out cause every where reminds me of her except the tour bus and my room so I will stay here in till tour an interviews

Rydel:no your not your gonna get out and I'm gonna make you

Ross:I'll go out tomorrow I just need sleep I haven't slept in ages

Rydel:you have been up here for 3 days and not once have you slept???

Ross:I've doing stuff



Rydel:oh okay I'm going now okay

Ross:k bye

With the rest and rydel:

Riker:what did ross say????

Rydel:we are going out tomorrow he needs to get out and that's what I'm making him do and you guys are coming to

All except rydel:okay

Rydel:I'm going to my room now k bye

All except rydel:k

Sorry it's short I need to do something but okay bye xoxo

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