I live you (demi lovato and ross lynch)chapter 12

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Carrying on again

Ross:(pulls away)no demi we can't kiss okay just go

Demi:no ross I'm not going my bf cheated on me an now the only thing I can think about how bad I hurt you and how much I love you

Ross:I'm sorry demi but I need to think about it okay

Demi:okay (walks down stairs)

Stormie:is he coming down

Demi:I don't know all I know is that I have just rewind everything in my life tell ross I'm going to miss him (walks out the house)

Rocky:what dose she mean 'I'm going to miss him'

Riker: I don't know but I want to know

Everyone except riker:I think we all do

2 days later:

Riker:ross has only came down like 5 times and that is only for food

Rocky:I know

Ratliff: I'm really scared for him I mean we have 2 weeks till we go on your and if he keeps going The way he is then he isn't going to know how to sing the songs

Rydel:true and he really needs to sing

Ryland:we need a plane to get him out of that room

Ratliff:what about for dinner

Riker:he take that up stairs

Rydel:we'll we need something like now

Rocky:selena just texted me that a couple of Demi's friends are coming round hers and she wants me to meet them so I'm busy tomorrow



Riker:we are ment to be helping ross

Rocky:I know I am going to ask selena how demi has been with it all to tell ross and see if it helps him

Riker:okay that's alright but we need a second part just in case that doesn't work

Rocky:yh okay

That's it cause I'm really tired but that's it for tonight now bye xoxoxoxox

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