I love you(demi lovato and ross lynch)chapter 19

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Here it is an the finale will be updated tomorrow so you let's get started:

At 5am with the lynches

Mark:guys get up we have got a tour to start

Ross:I get to sleep with demi I get sleep with demi I get to sleep with demi

(Happy dances)

Riker:you are way too happy about this

Ratliff:yh I mean YOUR ONLY FRIENDS

Ross:and I can make my move on her

Rydel:and doesn't mean she still has feelings for you

Rocky:I think she dose selena just texted me that she just woke up cause demi has been dancing for like 2 hours

Ross:ha see told ya

Stormie:okay get changed now we have to pick up the girls in 1 hour okay


An hour later:

Mark:are you guys ready

Rocky:yep now let's go get selena

Ross:and my soon to be girlfriend

Riker:yh whatever now let's go get them cause I wanna try and beat demi on the play station

Ryland:I know man she is so good at it

Riker:I know now let's go

With selena and demi:

Selena:right demi you ready

Demi:yh ariana and liz and miley are going to come round to say good bye okay


Knock at the door

Demi:there here


Demi:ariana liz and miley

(Demi opens door)

Demi:hi guys


Ariana:OMG I'm going to miss you sooooooo much(hugs demi and selena)

Selena:same here

Liz:text us what happens and send is vids of the tour bus okay

Demi:of course

Miley:anyway we've got to go but I will miss you soooo much

Demi:yh bye

(Everyone hugs and miley and liz and ariana leaves)

That's that for now find out what happens in the finale episode which is being updated tomorrow but thanks for the support with this story!!!!

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