I love you (ross lynch and demi lovato)chapter 23

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4 months later:
Demi's Pov:
It happened R5 went on tour while me and selena stayed and thought about them and I mean that does sound creepy but what would you do if the love of your life and some of your best friends went on tour and left you I mean I knew it was coming from the moment I met them but it just came too soon I mean I keep on thinking food is going to find a new girl and leave me and forget about me I mean I truly doubt it considering what we have went through together and how many times he has told me how special I am and how much he loves me but I just can't help it I mean I'm his girlfriend I'm ment to be worried.To get my mind off of thinks I decided to check my social media for the first time in ages literally and the first thing that caught my eye was "R5-I know you got away official music video" I decided to click on it to see what it was I mean It might have been that video selena told me not to watch because I might get upset but hey ho who cares she's not here she's out with her friend who you might have heard of Niall horan and before you ask yes Niall horan from one direction the biggest boy band on earth but anyways I clicked on the video and the first thing I saw was Ross and this girls who I had never seen in my life not even out on the streets.By the end of the video I was on the urge of tears is it true? was my boyfriend Ross lynch cheating on me? was my worst fear coming true.I decided to search up Ross lynch with his girlfriend and this girl was all over I mean occasionally their was one of me but when I clicked on the article that it was from all it said was "R5's Ross lynch cheating on his girlfriend Demi lovato with new girl Courtney?" And at first I remembered what Ross said before he left "don't believe anything you read about me on the Internet because 99.9% of the time it is false" so I forgot about that and went onto his Twitter and that's when I broke down in tears when I saw his post where he was KISSING this girl Courtney with the caption "I love my girl so much she's the reason I'm living I love her to death" and that night I cried myself to sleep hoping that it was all fake and it was not real.

Ross's PoV:
Courtney that's all I could think about how pretty she was and what I would do if she wasn't in my life she helped me through so many rough times in my life like when I was missing Demi so much I wanted to kill myself. OH GOD DEMI!
I remembered that I haven't talked to her in ages nor have I dumped her wait oh my god I'm cheating on her with Courtney how could I do this I mean I must be so stupid what do I do Courtney or Demi oh my I panicked for hours until I finally chose who I wanted to be with and who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and who I wanted to die I old with and know how to say do you remember when to each other and that person was Demi I wanted her and only her but I couldn't just go beck to her and say well I forgot about you and then chose you over Courtney so give me another chance but I can write her a song a serinate her and not at home where she would prefer it in front of everyone so everyone can know how stupid I am and how lucky I am to have a seriously amazing person but I still need one thing an explanation as to why I forgot about her I mean if I really loved her as much as I say I do I wouldn't have forgot right but I do love her as much as I say I do and more but the reason why I forgot was because she put up a photo of her and flipping Wilmer at the beach having so much fun and all her news feed was "I love Wilmer he's the best" so I put my phone down and spent time with my fans ,friends and family and well the last time I checked it well was ages ago I'm still not on it right now but I need to dump Courtney even though we were never officially a thing but not over message I'm not going to ruin my no technology rule and I'm going to be a man and do it face to face.Well goodnight guys I hope you have a good night sleep I mean I won't I've got 5 hours till I have to be up so I really should be going so bye xxxx


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