I love you (demi lovato and ross lynch)chapter 13

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Right hope you like this one it is the first of the day so yayyy xoxo

Te next day

Rocky:right I'm off round selenas byeeeee

Riker:k bye


Riker:we need a second plane

With rocky at selenas house:

Rocky:(knocks on selenas and Demi's door)


Rocky:hi you said it have to meet your friends

Selena:yh come in I will show you them

Rocky:okay (shuts the door behind him)

Selena:this is laura (points to laura)this is liz (points to liz)this is ariana (points to ariana)this is Victoria (points to Victoria)and this is ashely with her boyfriend Niall horan wit the rest of one direction so that is them and guys this is rocky one of my friends

Rocky:(frowns when she says friends but then smiles so no one knew)hey

All except delena and rocky:hey

Rocky:so how is demi doing

Selena:fine he has moved on too another guy cause she don't think ross is right for her what about ross I bet he has another girl

Rocky:actually no he hasn't he sits at home in his room like crying and the only time he comes down is to get food and the whole family is worried cause he has to sing in less that 2 weeks on tour so no he isn't that good

Selena:we'll he kinda deserved it cause he did send her off after she said she loved him

Rocky:he didn't deserve it your just being stupid now (he leaves and goes back home)

Riker:when is rocky going to be back

(Rocky walks in a little mad)

Ryland:what happend

Rocky:we'll demi has moved on to another boy cause she thinks ross isn't the one for her and selena thinks he deserves to be sitting up in his room hardly eating

Rydel:we'll I think we should have not been nice to them

Riker:and demi didn't even bother to tell him her self

(Ross walks down and they all look at him)



Rydel:you need to have a shower and get out of this place you need fresh air

Ross:I had a shower this morning and I have my windows wide open so I am clean and I have fresh air (walks back upstairs with food)

Ratliff:we need to do something

Stormie:rydel go and try to talk to him again

Rydel:okay (she walks to Ross's room and knocks on the door)

.....what is going to happen now tell me ya like or ya dislike cause I don't want to be boring you out xoxo.....

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