I love you (demi lovato and ross lynch)chapter 4

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So here it is I would have done another chapter yesterday but I was busy!!!

Carrying on from last time (again)

Selena:(notices ross is the boy from the airport)demi can I talk to you In private

Demi: (to selena)yh sure (to the others)1 sec

With demi and selena


Selena:the one you met at the airport is here

Demi:what ross




Demi:he is friends with miley which means he will be spending more time in our hotel which means I can get to know him


With others:

Miley:ross is that the one ou met at the airport

Ross:I don't know I haven't really be paying attention

Riker:you've been daydreaming about demi the airport girl haven't you


Miley:rosseyyy has a crusheyyyy

Ross:no I don't

Miley:yes you do

Demi and selena walk in

demi:yes you do who and what

Miley:ross has a crush

Ross:no I don't (notices it is demi)

Demi:oh(hides her sadness)

Miley:he dose

Selena:(notices demi is upset)okay he has a crush or he may not have a crush but who cares

Demi:(mimes)thanks sel

Selena:(mimes back)no problem


Miley:I haven't told demi or selena your names

Anyway this is riker (pointed to them as she says there name)this is rocky this is rydel this is ross this is Ellington and this is ryland and that is them

Demi:I think I got that but i think I will make up nicknames for them all

Miley:if that helps you can do that but we've got to go it is 8 o clock and I need sleep

Demi:okay bye bye

Miley:kk bye

They all leave and demi and selena go to bed

Sorry it is short (again) but I ant going to be bust today so I am going to be uploading them in small loads today but thanks for reading it xoxo

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