I love you(demi lovato and ross lynch) chapter 21

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Demi's pov:
So it's 5 months into the tour and so far I have had the best time of my life we have been pretty much everywhere except the UK which is the place that we are on the way to now but away from all that let's go to the stuff that all of you are thinking what happened with Ross and me well so me and Ross are like bestfriend we still haven't gotten together (unfortunately)but I think he is going to ask me out tonight.oh yea I forgot to tell you me Selena Ross and rocky are going on a double date ,well actually Selena and rocky wanted us to go just so it wouldn't be awkward between than and I will tell you why it would be. So rocky and Selena had a fight and that are going on their first date again so they can start new so they wanted us to go with them to keep them company but I hope Ross asks me out well fingers crossed.

Ross's pov:
So I have had/am having the best time of my life every night I get to see the people I love, and I get to perform with the people I love and I get to see all the time the people I love well you get the point but the only thing that needs to happen now is for me to find the courage to ask demi out which I think I'm going to ask her out tonight but the bad thing is I don't wanna spoil rocky's and selena's date but they wouldn't mind ,well they shouldn't I mean they should be happy for us shouldn't they??????

So that is it for now but I'm doing more POV's tomorrow and then I will be doing the date and stuff but for now thanks for reading xoxo

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