I love you (demi lovato and ross lynch)chapter 15

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So this is the 15th chapter and I just want to say I am concentrating on remi and I am going to add a new couple in there which is going to be leonetta which is leon varges and violetta Castillo from violetta but is you don't whatcha violetta you should cause it is really really good but thank you sooo much for reading my story!!!!!!

To set the scene it is the day befor r5 go on tour selena and rocky are dating and ross and demi are still not talking but every time demi goes round there ross just kicks her out but he is still wanting to date her but he just isn't letting her talk to him okay so that is about it with rocky:

Rocky:right I'm going roud selenas you guys coming?

Rydel:I'm coming




Riker:wait if we are all going what about ross

Rocky:he can come too

Rydel:have you not forgot demi lives there 2

Rocky:oh yh but her friend is in town for 2 weeks so ross can come

Riker:are you sure it is today

Rocky:I think it is if not then it is tomorrow

Rydel:okay I'm going to tell ross to get ready (walks up to his room)ross get ready we are going out in 10 so hurry up

Ross:I'm already ready I am coming down now and where we going (runs down stairs with rydel behind him)

Rocky:out now let's go

All lynches knock on delens house

Ross:why are we here

Rocky:cause if you haven't remembered I'm dating selena


Riker:remember we might be waiting out side for a little bit miley told us last time we where here we'll I was here anyway

Inside with delena:

Selena:(shouts) demi I think violetta is here

Demi:(shouts back)she texted me that she isn't coming till tomorrow (opens the door and sees ross and stops herself from hugging him cause she sill loves him)hey guys (shouts)selena rocky and his family is here oh and Ratliff

Selena:(walks in)oh hey babe(kisses rocky on the cheek)

Demi:I am going in my room befor things get disgusting and awkward

Rydel:I need to talk to her so I'm going to go to her room

With rydel and demi:


Rydel:hi(closes the door behind her)so do you have feeling for ross still??

Demi:hell yes I mean(plays it cool)yh kinda why????

Rydel:ahhhh cause he likes you too I'm gonna go get him (runs too ross

Demi:wait rydel ugh this isn't gonna work

1 minute later ross dose in and shuts the door behind him

Ross:sooo rydel said you still like me (smirks at her)

Demi:rydel said you still like me (smirks back at him)

Ross:we'll how about after tour we decide

Demi:decide on what (moves closer to him so there body's are touching)

Ross:on us ou know???

We'll that is it I have decided to carry this story on till chapter 20 then I am starting a hole new story still with remi in it though and that one is going to have leonetta in it this one isn't any more but thank you sooooo much for your likes votes and comments on my chapters xoxo

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