I love you (demi lovato and ross lynch)chapter 7

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(Carrying on from last time (again)

(Miley and rydel knock at the door)

Demi:new hair can u answer that please

Riker:wait who is new hair

Demi: you

Riker:oh I will answer the door but you have to explain it okay


(Riker opens the door and miley and rydel come in)

riker:so why is my nick name new hair

Miley:really demi new hair

Demi:well it was the only thing I could think of

Riker:but why dose it relate to my hair

Demi:oh because I have seen hair styles like rockys hair and rydels hair and rylands hair and Ross's hair and ratliffs hair but never like yours so new hair

Riker:oh I get it now

Demi:yh told ya I'm going to go to my room


(Demi is in her room)

Miley:ross your so crushing on her go and talk to her now that your 'alone'

Ross:no even though I'm crushing on her don't mean she likes me back

Selena:we'll at the moment your going to ruin the friendship you kinda built up at the air port okay

Ross:we don't even have a proper friendship

Selena:we'll go and get one with her other wise i am going To leave you in a room alone till you talk

Ross:okay I'm going wait where is her room

Selena:I'll show you


(With ross and selena)

Selena:this is her room

Ross:okay thanks

Selena:that's okay good luck


(Selena leaves)

Ross:(knocks on the door)

1Demi:(answers the door)hey ross

Ross:hi demi

Demi:so do you want to come in

Ross:yh sure (closes the door behind him)wow your room has a lot of pink in it

Demi:(laughs)yh I like pink

Ross:(laughs a little too)yh I can see that you remind me of my sister rydel but you are much prettier


Ross:that's okay I like to state the obvious

Demi:(blushes even more)

Ross:(laughs)your cute when you blush you know that

Demi:we'll now I do

Ross:we'll thats good cause people need to know what they look like

Demi:you're a real charmer ant you

Ross:we'll I try my best

(They look into each other's eyes)

Ross:(leans in)

Demi:(leans in too)

(Remi kiss)

So that's it I didn't want too make it too long so I led it there so bye hope you are enjoying my story so far xoxo

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