I love you (demi lovato and rosslynch) chapter 22

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Rocky's pov:
So tonight is Ming and selena's date well it's a double date with demi and Ross which I can already tell is going to be awkward and I will tell you why. So basically ross likes demi and demi likes Ross and I'm guessing you already know that but I bet you didn't know that when Ross gets nervous he says stupid things and I know what your gonna say 'but he is so confident' yea I know but I mean when he is REALLY nervous so he will say so,etching stupid it will all go quiet and not the comfortable silence the awkward silence so this I going to be fun isn't it :(

Selena's pov:
AHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I have a date in 4 hours that means get something to eat for 3.00 have a shower, get changed , do my make up and hair for 5.30 so then I have 30 minutes to practise for the date and not make it awkward okay so that's my plane but I have to wait for demi to get here until we can start getting ready for the double date AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm so excited and nervous but mostly excited :):):):):)

That's it for now I'm going to make a new story cause I'm losing inspiration for this one the story is going to be about James maslow and demi lovato if you don't know who James maslow is he has a youtube channel so watch his covers and he was in a band that broke up kinda in 2013 called bit time rush so check the out to :):):)

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