I love you(demi lovato and ross lynch)chapter 20 part 2

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Mark:okay right rydel go get the girls

Rydel:okay (goes and gets the girls)I'm back

Ross:(runs from the gameing room)sup demi(actin cool)

Rocky:ross stop being stupid (too selena)hey baby

Selena:hey baby (hugs him)

Mark:okay guys you ready too tour the world

Everyone except parents:yeah

Mark:well then let's get going

The end

Sorry it is short this part didn't upload with the first part so I had to make a part 2 but I will definetly be doing a sequel to this one about what happens on tour but thank you for putting up with my spelling mistakes and punctuality mistakes and thank you for the comments votes and reads and again I PROMISE there will be a sequel but I am starting a new story with ross and demi and leon and violetta soon and then I will start the sequel and that one will be WAY longer than this one but I think I might do a hemi (harry styles and demi lovato)story so yh tell me what ya think but bye for now xoxo

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