Chapter 4 - Olivia

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Olivia trembled as she climbed into the car and tore away from the man that haunted her every night in her dreams and every time she looked at her daughter.

Chloe reminded her so much of Cameron that it physically hurt her. She had his dark brown hair but Olivia's green eyes. His skin tone that tanned easily and a light dusting of freckles across her nose that she got from her mother. Every now and then, she stopped Olivia's heart when she flashed the same smile he had that brought Olivia back to that day she spent with Cameron in Aspen Beach.

The moment she discovered she was pregnant five years ago, she was shocked but never did she think about terminating the pregnancy.

Even though she had never heard back from Cameron since that night, a part of her couldn't bring herself to resent the little being growing within her.

When she heard Chloe's heartbeat at her first ultrasound appointment, a love and protectiveness filled her and only intensified the moment she was born.

She couldn't hate Cameron for what he had done when that one night had given her the most beautiful little girl she would ever set eyes on. Every day from thereon out, she cherished her time spent with her and watched her learn and grow with pride. Her love grew stronger and fiercer than anything she ever imagined.

She vowed to make Chloe her number one priority as her own mother had. No client or man would ever come between her and her daughter.

Each day as Chloe grew, Olivia marveled at her spirit and intellect. She was bright, warm, loving, and so much fun to be with. Olivia found herself growing as a person and a mother. She learned something new every day and had a better understanding of the true meaning of love and family.

She had refused to return to the beach town but when her clients expressed an interest a few days ago, she couldn't say no. She couldn't find a babysitter for Chloe either and asked her clients if they minded her daughter tagging along. The young couple, about the same age as Olivia, was expecting a little one of their own, so they didn't mind at all. They even asked Chloe if she liked the room they were planning to turn into a nursery and smiled when Chloe approved wholeheartedly and pointed out where the crib and the baby's toy chest should go.

After the showing, the couple decided to put in an offer. Olivia sat in her car with Chloe in the back seat watching a children's cartoon on a tablet while she put the offer in. Once that was done, she drove a few blocks to the public parking lot behind the strip of shops that lined the beach and bought Chloe an ice cream cone. She couldn't bring herself to eat one. The town brought back too many painful memories.

She thought Cameron was "the one." How could she not when he appeared out of nowhere, swept her off her feet, smiled that smile that made her heart melt, and worshiped her body like a temple for hours that night?

The chemistry was surreal. The sensations and emotions he created within her were like nothing she'd ever experienced. Even the boyfriend she had for a few months last year didn't compare.

She questioned if maybe it was all in her head—that her memory was exaggerating how powerful the chemistry seemed to be.

Nevertheless, she ended the relationship after a few months before introducing the man to Chloe. He wanted to take the relationship to the next level but she couldn't see herself sleeping with him or sharing her life with him.

Even though he was a good guy, it had to end.

Everything came back to the man that disappeared from her life just as quickly as he appeared.

And the moment she saw him standing there through the crowd at Aspen Beach, staring at her, she froze. Her heart jumped into her throat. Her mouth went dry. A whirlwind of emotions rushed through her—but fear drove her to take Chloe and run.

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