Book 3 - War Claim

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NOW ON WATTPAD (April 1, 2020)

The first few chapters are already up on Inkitt.

Like Forgotten Claim and Defiant Claim, this one can stand on its own. IT'S CHLOE'S STORY!

---- Summary ----

The price for peace comes with sacrifices.

Animkii wasn't born to be Alpha—but his two older brothers were both killed when he was four. He also shouldn't have fallen in love with his best friend... because she wasn't his mate.

Chloe realized she had a crush on her best friend when he turned eighteen and was being pressured by his parents to find his mate so he could take over the pack. Her dreams were crushed when he brings home his mate and changes everything.

Then tragedy struck. Despite the window of opportunity, a rift had already formed between them that only grew with time.

Because Chloe still had a mate out there somewhere... And she belonged with him.

While an unknown force lurked along the edges, looking to tear down the powers that be from this weakened pack and claim it as his.

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