Book 2 - The Defiant Claim

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Sam's book is up! For anyone interested in a dark-ish MxM werewolf story, I am slowly adding chapters while I write it and prepare FORGOTTEN CLAIM for publication. Might as well give everyone a little more time to read Book 1 while writing Book 2 before I remove Book 1. I'm hoping to publish FORGOTTEN CLAIM after my wedding (and honeymoon) in early August 2019. 

The published version of FORGOTTEN CLAIM is taking longer than I expected due to changes needed at the end thanks to 4 bonus chapters added in the middle... and my mother-in-law being in the hospital for 4 weeks (April-May) hasn't helped in staying focused with editing (literally spent 12 hrs/day, 6 days/week with her).

Anyway, after I come back from my honeymoon, I'll be removing FORGOTTEN CLAIM from Wattpad and Inkitt and leaving only sample chapters up. If all goes well (and Sam and his mate play nice, HA!), I'll publish Sam's story a few months after FC.

Anywho, this is just to let everyone know that Book 2 (Sam's Story) is up! You can find it my profile ( Joflower ) or click the external link at the bottom (web users only).

---- Summary ----

Revenge drove him. Bloodlust raged in his veins. All 22-year-old Mikwam (Mik) wanted was to reclaim his birthright and destroy the alpha that took it from him. He never expected to find his mate within the pack of his enemy -- nor was he expecting his mate to be a male.

Things were finally starting to look up for 18-year-old Samuel (Sam). He joined the ranks as a patrol wolf and was happy to finally be a contributing member of the Zhooniyaa Miskwi (Silver Blood) Pack -- until he finds his mate among the rogues attacking his pack.

Sam's hopes are crushed as Mik vehemently rejects him, yet Sam is the only one keeping Mik alive. Can the two males come together the way the Moon Goddess intended, or will they meet their maker?


(FYI - Mikwam's name means ice in Ojibwe, heh heh. See how clever I am? Never mind, don't answer that. LOL)

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