Chapter 13 - Olivia

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Shaking hands hung up the phone and set it on the bedside table. Olivia raked her fingers through her thick tresses as she released the breath she'd been holding.

As much as it terrified her, she knew she had to give Cameron a chance. She couldn't push him out of her thoughts and move on. She tried unsuccessfully for five years and still hadn't been able to. It was time to give him the benefit of doubt. Everything was laid out in his letter. How much of it was true, she couldn't be sure, but the only way she'd be able to find out was to spend time with him and get to know him.

She wasn't going to bring Chloe into this. At least not until she knew for sure that Cameron was the real deal and not just trying to get into her pants again.

She still blamed herself for believing him and giving into temptation five years ago. She'd never been so reckless in her life and in a matter of hours she threw caution to the wind and for what? Abandonment and left to raise a child on her own was not what she had planned for her future. It wasn't a future she intended for her child either. She wanted a father for her child as much as she wanted a husband for herself.

Chloe was wonderful and Chloe deserved a father.

And you deserve a husband. Give him a chance to either clear him from your mind or invite him in. You can't keep living in limbo like this.

Heaving a sigh, she glanced at his letter resting next to her on the bed. One word stuck out above the others but she was too scared to bring it up with him on the phone.


She knew what the word meant but what did it mean to him? Why write it if it didn't mean something? She didn't peg him to be a sentimental person, and she knew nothing about his culture or the way the Ojibwa people perceived the term. How did he come to the conclusion that they were soulmates?

Moreover, why would he seek her out if she didn't mean something to him? Why would he persist after she repeatedly tried to turn him away?

Despite all the questions churning around in her mind, exhaustion got the best of her and she fell into a restless sleep.


Cameron: We still on tonight?

Butterflies danced within Olivia all morning as she hurried to get ready for work and drop Chloe off at her mother's house.

She didn't tell Chloe about her meeting with Cameron but informed her and her mother that she'd be home later than usual and to go ahead and have dinner without her.

Her mother gave her the side-eye, knowing that she was up to something, but held her tongue in front of Chloe. That didn't stop her from texting Olivia for information.

Sighing, Olivia gave in so her mother wouldn't pester her all day before she climbed out of the car and walked into her first showing.

Olivia: I have a date tonight.

Putting the phone on silent and tucking it back in her purse, she entered the house and got to work. When she had a free moment half an hour later, she checked back to see her mother's message.

Mom: Oh really? Name. Age. How'd you meet?

She shook her head, a smile tugging on her lips.

Olivia: I'll tell you later.

Her mother replied almost immediately before she had a chance to put her phone down.

Mom: Fine.

She could almost imagine her mother's exasperated tone before she tucked her phone away again.

Yesterday, she decided that she would meet Cameron at Ocha Gardens, a quaint Asian vegetarian cafe that specialized in loose leaf tea, nice light snacks, and delicious salads. She wasn't a vegetarian by any means, but talking over a nice cup of tea seemed like a good way to lower her anxiety. It was also a little intimate without being fancy and over the top nor too loud or casual.

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