Chapter 23 - Olivia

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Time ticked idly by, drawn out by Olivia's restlessness and the uncertainty that was taking place beyond the walls of her hotel room on the fifth floor. Cameron told her that she had a lot of contemplating to do, and indeed she did with the revelations of him being some sort of werewolf and the implications that would have on Chloe.

She couldn't believe that Chloe would one day turn into a wolf. It had to be painful and the thought of her baby transforming into another creature was chilling. She wanted nothing more than to go to her mother's house that instant and hold her daughter and will her to stop growing. To stay sweet, young and innocent and never grow up in such a horrific world like Cameron's.

She knew she shouldn't think that way as crime-riddled the streets of her city as well, but everything came at once in such a shock that she couldn't think rationally.

An hour after Cameron left, she called her mother to talk to Chloe. It was more of a reassurance call than she would admit. Chloe was fine and enjoying herself like any four-year-old should—safe and secure without a worry in the world beyond her own immediate needs.

"Tessa got a puppy!" Chloe gushed on the phone, talking about neighbors' daughter whom she liked to play with. "Can we get a puppy too?"

Your father turns into a wolf, would that do? Olivia was tempted to say but held her tongue. That sounded crazy even to her, never mind what a four-year-old would think. "Maybe someday when we get a house. Puppies need more room to play."

"We could keep it at Grandma's house!"

Olivia could see her mother scowling in the background with that suggestion. She was more of a cat-person than a dog-person.

"I don't think so, sweetie. If you want a puppy, you have to take care of it, not Grandma."

"Does Daddy have a house? He can take care of it and we can play with the puppy on weekends!"

Olivia chewed on her lip at the mention of Cameron. Where was he now? Was he okay? "I don't know. You'll have to ask him."

Chloe heaved a sigh of defeat. "Okay, fine. When will we get a house?"

Olivia feigned shock. "What? You don't like where we live?"

"Nope," Chloe said, popping the 'p' sound for the first time and making Olivia wonder where she picked that up from. "I think we should live with Daddy."

Olivia's brows rose up. "Oh, you do, do you?" Where was this coming from?

"Well..." Chloe trailed off as if picking her words thoughtfully. "You're my mommy and he's my daddy. We should live together, right?"

"Well," Olivia replied, choosing her own words carefully now, "not all mommies and daddies live together."


"Well..." Olivia was biding her time to put the right words together that a child could understand. "Sometimes, mommies and daddies are better people when they are not together."


"Some mommies and daddies fight when they are together, so they are happier not living together."

"Do you and Daddy fight a lot?"

Olivia sighed, grappling with her feelings for Cameron. "No, not a lot. Sometimes we argue. You know, shout and say mean things we shouldn't say to each other."


Why, indeed? "Because we get frustrated with each other. We have problems to figure out, sweetie. A lot happened when Cameron lost his memories. We need to talk more."

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