Chapter 16 - Cameron

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Tearing himself away from her was torture. Cameron wanted to kiss her as if the world was ending but knew he wouldn't have been able to stop from there. He'd want more but he was still standing on uneven ground and couldn't risk stepping a single paw off the rocky path. Yet.

He walked for miles around the city streets to burn off his pent-up emotions and sexual frustration. He paused along the edges of parks and watched the children play on the playgrounds with their parents and a hollow emptiness filled him.

He would never be able to go back in time and watch his daughter grow. Never see her minutes after being born, never see her take her first steps or utter her first words. He'd never get to witness any of those firsts but he still had time to see some of her other firsts; like seeing her off to her first day of school, attending her first school play, and supporting her during her first shift.

He didn't want to miss any more time in her life. He wanted to do it all with Olivia at his side, his arm wrapped around her waist and her head resting on his shoulder.

He walked for a few hours and when the sun began to set, Sam called to find out where he was. He turned back to the cafe to get in his motorcycle and drive to the condo.

"I'm meeting with Olivia tomorrow afternoon," Cameron told him when he returned to the apartment. "We'll go back home after that."

Sam was playing on his phone and barely glanced at him. "Cool because I'm super bored here."

"You can leave any time."

"I know, but someone's gotta keep an eye on ya when you're drunk as a skunk and keep you from going insane."

Cameron sat next to him on the couch and playfully punched his shoulder. "Thanks, pup, but I promised Olivia I'd stay sober from now on."

"Good—but stop calling me 'pup.' I'm not a pup anymore." Sam scowled.

Cameron grinned at him. "I know. Hard to believe but I know. Any luck finding your mate while I was gone?"

Sam sighed and brushed his fingers through his hair. "Nah. I don't think she's here."

"You'll find her someday. I mean, look at me? I found mine when I was almost twenty-two, lost her, and now I'm nearly twenty-seven and trying to pick up the pieces I lost. It'll take time, but I'm sure you'll find her."

"Hope so. No rush though, right? I mean, I'm not much to look at right now." He deflated as he set his phone down on the coffee table and brushed his fingers through his dark hair. "She'll only be disappointed that I'm not more of a male than I am right now."

Cameron punched him in the arm—harder this time. "Shut up and don't think that way. She'll love you no matter what and if she doesn't, then there's something wrong with her, not you. Remember that."

Sam nodded, rubbing his arm lightly where Cameron punched him. "Alpha's getting antsy about us coming back soon too."

"Oh?" Cameron's ears perked up. "What did he say? Should I call him?"

Sam shrugged. "Just that there have been traces of rogues toeing the borders. Nothing to worry about, but something to keep an eye out for."

"They'd have to be dumber than a post to cross into the territory," Cameron muttered, his mood darkening. "We're stronger now. Alpha is stronger. Any outsider who would dare to challenge him or cause trouble would fail."

Sam nodded. "All the more reason why he's getting a little more antsy about us coming back soon. He's upping patrol and needs all wolves on the alert so we don't see a repeat of the last attack."

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