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It has come to my attention that the three books in the CLAIM Series were posted on Goodreads and have started receiving a few ratings. This wouldn't bother me if it weren't for the fact that these books are first drafts (like all of my books are on Wattpad and Inkitt) and nowhere near good enough for actual publication. Not to mention that I PURPOSELY withheld scenes/chapters from each book to save for the published versions. This will lead to significant changes to some (FORGOTTEN CLAIM especially) and WAR CLAIM will be completely restructured in the published version.

So, the fact that people are rating them now, when they're clearly not the best they can be, is really disheartening for me because those ratings are going to stick. While some of you may have really enjoyed them in their current form, just think of how much better they will be after several revisions. Are your current three or four-star ratings going to change? I can only hope they would be higher with the final draft.

I sent an email to Goodreads to have them pulled, and they couldn't argue against my request because WAR CLAIM isn't even complete, and only complete works are allowed to be posted on their site. Not to mention that I have EXPLICITLY stated IN ALL OF THE SUMMARY PAGES OF MY BOOKS NOT TO HAVE THEM POSTED ON GOODREADS.

This is the SECOND TIME of me having to say this and it's frustrating because I have already requested IN BOLD LETTERS in each book's summary page not to have them posted on Goodreads.

Leave that to me to do when the books are polished and published to Amazon.

Wattpad is like a playground to me. I'm having fun posting my stories and sharing them with all of you while I'm writing them. I love the interaction. I love being able to experience everything along with you. It makes the whole writing process more fun.

So, enjoy them while you can, and please respect my wishes NOT to have my books posted on Goodreads and rated/reviewed right now.

Thank you.

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