Chapter 17 - Olivia

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Song: "Try" by Mandy Harvey


Not sure how long her meeting with Cameron would be, Olivia told her mother not to set a place for her at the table if she didn't text her by five-thirty. She didn't expect to receive approval, and as long as she didn't say anything in front of Chloe, there would be no heated words exchanged between them.

Her mother was allowed to worry, but at the same time, she needed to trust Olivia with her choices and not shovel Cameron into the dung heap with the other scumbags of society. She hadn't even met him yet.

Olivia also refused to reveal to anyone that she was actually excited about this meeting with Cameron. An anxious-excited, but excited nonetheless.

Knowing that parking was always an issue downtown, she opted to leave her car in the visitor parking lot of the apartment complex and walk the few blocks to the Italian cafe after switching out of her black heels and opting for cute black flats instead.

The sky was gray and threatened to rain, but it wasn't enough to dampen her spirits. She knew this would be the last time she'd get to see Cameron until next weekend. The very idea of not seeing him again until then made her realize the impact he had made on her in the last two weeks, even though they saw very little of each other. Especially yesterday. She couldn't stop thinking about him and how hard he was trying.

You miss him, she chided herself as she walked the few blocks to the cafe.

So, what if I do? She chewed on her thumbnail for a second, smiling to herself, before pulling her hand away and brushing back the loose strands of hair that escaped her bun.

You're thinking about him and smiling. Blushing, even, she told herself. Admit it. You're still in love with him.

That was it, wasn't it? The part that terrified her the most. Letting go of the hurt that shielded her heart and letting him back in.

She caught herself chewing on her thumbnail again and stopped as Cameron appeared out of an alley twenty-yards ahead. He stopped and looked around. Her heart picked up speed at the sight of him. As did her pace. A smile spread across her face as her eyes met his that mirrored her own.

He waited for her to catch up. Dressed in a black leather jacket and jeans, he slicked his hair back with his fingers while holding his motorcycle helmet under his arm. He looked good. So good that she wanted to rub her hands over his body.

Where did that thought come from?

A blush warmed her cheeks as she closed the distance between them.

"Hey, Gorgeous," he greeted and reached for her hand.

"Hey," she greeted back, almost shyly as he kissed her knuckles.

Releasing her hand, his smile spread wider. "I missed you."

"Did you?" she asked coyly.

"You know it."

More heat rushed to her face as they turned and walked toward the cafe. "Me too."

It was a whisper she half hoped he didn't hear.

And half hoped he did.

He cut in front of her, stopping her in her tracks and looked down at her with wide eyes that gripped her heart.

"What did you say?"

She looked at his lips as another wave of heat crashed over her. Raking her teeth over her bottom lip, she tried to look away but he caught her chin and tilted it back up. His eyes held hers.

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