Chapter 7 - Cameron

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It took Cameron almost a week but when he finally found her, he couldn't tear himself away—especially when she was suffering such distress.

She didn't understand how much her words hurt herself. She was fighting against a bond that was stronger than the pull of gravity. He barely persevered against the urge to claim her and probably would have if they hadn't gotten interrupted.

Whatever happened between them in the past, the separation was hurting her. Her fight against him and their spiritual connection was another battle waging war within her.

Stop resisting it. I can't stand to see you suffer.

He understood she was overwhelmed. Understood that she hated him for what he did. He didn't even know her name yet, but he knew he couldn't give up on her.

He whimpered when he cupped her cheeks in his palms and she flinched away.

"Tell me what happened, what I did to hurt you, and then I will leave. Okay?"

She shook her head, hesitating, chewing on her swollen bottom lip. "One night. That's all we had. One minute you were there and the next you were gone."

Fuck. That was what he feared. She hated him because she thought he used her. Dammit! How could he do that to her? How could he fix this?

"I'm sorry. As I said, I was in an accident and in a coma and woke up with amnesia. I'm sure I had every intention of returning to you."

She snorted, rubbing her arms and avoiding his gaze. "Sure you did."

"Hey, it may have taken me five years, but I found you, even with amnesia and no one close to me knowing about you," he pointed out.

"See?" she countered, her anger flaring up again. "You didn't even tell anyone about me."

Her accusation was understandable, though no fault of his own. His pack was under attack. He had a duty to fight and protect those who couldn't. If he told Andrew, he'd never know as the dead couldn't speak.

He crossed his arms. "As if I had time. I barely got a few miles out of town before I was nearly killed. Do you want to see my scar as proof?"

He reached up to brush his hair away from his forehead, where he knew a tip of the long, jagged scar peeked out from his hairline.

Curious eyes glanced at it before darting away.

"Do you believe me now? I can get pictures my parents took if you still don't."

She shuddered, rubbing her arms again. "No, thanks."

"Will you give me a chance? To make it up to you?"

Her eyes widened and her mouth opened and closed like a goldfish for a few seconds before she snapped it shut and locked away.

"I-I don't... No." She shook her head, determination flashing across her face as she rubbed her arms again. "No, I can't see you again, Cam."

He stepped toward her to protest but she ordered him to stop. He did, his eyes pleading with her. Her body deflated, her heart crumbled to pieces at her feet. He wished he could pick them up and put them back together for her.

"I can't," she said softly. A brokenness carried in her voice.

"Why not?"

"Because of Chloe."

The child?

His heart began to thunder within. "Is she mine?" he asked.

She swallowed, nodding her head.

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