Chapter 9 - Cameron

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She was still fighting tooth and nail against the matebond even though it toyed with her emotions. Cameron could tell by the way her heart raced and her delicate scent shifted with her emotions. He tried not to lean in and inhale deeply when she suddenly became aroused. Why was that? Did his presence affect her that much or did she remember something from that night?

It wasn't fair that she could still remember everything. He wanted a glimpse of it. How did they meet? Did he make her laugh? Did she smile at him? Was he gentle? Rough? Did she beg for more? How badly did she want him?

She slipped up in revealing that she hadn't had sex since. It was a relief as much as it made him even more proud to be her mate and the mother of his pup.

If he could take a guess, he guessed she hadn't moved on from that night. That his disappearance struck her so hard, she never recovered.

He couldn't erase the past as easily as his amnesia erased his memories, but he craved for the chance to make it up to her. To give her the love she rightly deserved.

That he rightly deserved.

When Chloe ran toward them, she caught his eye and smiled up at him.

She was so beautiful. She had Olivia's gorgeous green eyes and his straight dark brown hair. He ached to pick her up and hold her. He lost so much time. She was growing up without him. Did she know who he was to her? Had Olivia told her anything about him?

He yearned to tell her who he was. He pined to be the father she deserved to have.

If Olivia could find it in herself to forgive him and give him a chance...

"Hi, Chloe. I'm Cameron. I've been waiting a long time to meet you," he told her before Olivia could steal her away.

He knew he shouldn't have done that. Knew that it was overstepping a line Olivia created and piss her off, but he was damned if he let her walk away with his daughter again. He wanted to tell Chloe the truth. He wanted to be a part of their lives. Didn't she get that? Couldn't she put the past behind her and give him a chance to reconnect with them?

Chloe needed him.

Olivia's eyes widened in horror, her mouth falling open as her heart picked up speed.

Chloe tilted her head in confusion. "You have?"

He nodded, his heart squeezing with the desire to embrace her, cradle her in his arms and tell her how precious she was. He didn't want either of them to leave. While Olivia stood a few feet away, fuming, he tried to think of something to calm her and earn him more quality time with Chloe.

"Yes. Can I buy you and your mom some ice cream?"

She smiled broadly, exposing her teeth, before looking up to Olivia for approval.

His plan wasn't working. Panic mixed with anger had Olivia trembling, itching for a fight or to run.

"No thanks. We have to go now." Her expression was firm, her eyes looking through him rather than at him.

Chloe's fat bottom lip extended out.

Cameron narrowed his eyes at Olivia as he straightened up. "It's just an ice cream cone. Ten minutes tops."

He didn't care if his voice was clipped. She was being unreasonable. He explained his side of the past as best as he could, and he was damned if he was going to let both of them slip through his fingers!

"I said we have to go."

Dammit! He didn't want to do this, but he had to if it meant giving him an advantage.

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