Slow dance

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You were so ready for tonight. Reece was taking you to his favourite posh restaurant in Accrington. He'd told you to dress up nice as it was expensive, so you hoped to not disappoint.
You wore a black body-con with lace on the sleeves and some black heels. Your clutch bag was patent black and your makeup was smoky and sultry.

He came to pick you up at 7pm for your booking at 8, it took about 45 minutes to drive there.
You shouted goodbye to your parents and headed out the door with your boyfriend, taking his outstretched hand and allowing him to lead you to the car.

"You look gorgeous, y/n," he said, his eyes flicking to your body when you'd stopped at a red light.
"Thank you, Reece. You look so handsome," you blushed. He smirked as the light changed to emerald and started the car again, driving you to the town centre.
He turned on the radio, playing Bazzi through the aux cable. You smiled as 'Mine' came on, he always sang that song to you.

You arrived and he opened the car door for you, helping you out and walking you through the streets of his hometown. You gripped onto his arm, stumbling about in your high heels. He giggled as you nearly fell when you got stuck in the cobbles, helping to pull you up.

You arrived at the restaurant at 7:55, to be exact. He opened the door for you again and lead you to where they seat people. The building was empty other than the odd staff member.
"Hello, can we help you?" The waiter at the counter said.
"Yes, we have a booking for 8pm?" Reece said, walking over. You followed him and stood next to him at the counter.
"Were you not alerted? The restaurant has been closed early this evening due to our head chef being ill," the waiter said. Reece's face fell. You looked at him with uncertainty. Reece went to talk to him again, though you stepped in.
"No, we weren't aware. Sorry for bothering you, we'll go," you said, before leading your boyfriend out of the restaurant.

"We can have our own fun!" You reassured you boyfriend as he apologised for the 1000th time in 5 minutes. You were sat on a bench in the city centre, holding his hands and fiddling with his rings.
"I've got it! Come back to my house, nobody will be home, I'll cook you something," he smiled. You looked at him excitedly, nodding and standing.
"What are we waiting for?! Let's go!"

You arrived at the Bibby house at around 9pm. You took off your heels at the door, following him through to the kitchen.

"My dear lady, what can I give you the pleasure of eating?" He asked in a posh voice. You laughed and looked down, shaking your head.
"Your finest y/f/f, fine sir!"

Reece rushed around his kitchen, gathering ingredients and utensils, before beginning to cook y/f/f.
You went and sorted out the dining room, making it look nice. You lit a few candles and collected some fallen rose petals from the garden, scattering them over the table. You laid out the nicest cutlery you could find, and folded a pair of napkins. A speaker gently played music in the background.
Reece entered the room as you poured out red wine into the two glasses. He placed your meal onto the table and pulled out the chair, waiting for you to sit down and then pushing you in. He sat across from you and you began eating the delicious meal.

"You did a good job, Bibbs," you said as you finished your food and placed your cutlery on the plate. He looked at you in the dim candle light and smiled to himself.
"Just you. You're beautiful, you know that right? I don't deserve such a woman,"
"You kidding? You think I'm too good? You've got that wrong, mate,"

He held out a hand over the table and you placed yours in his, smiling as you stood up and he lead you through the double doors to his living room. 'Breathe' by Lauv rang through the speaker as he turned up the volume.
He placed a hand on your hip softly and linked your hands, pulling you to him effortlessly. You were breathless; this moment was undeniably magic. You rested your head on his shoulder and swayed with him to the music, the atmospheric tune making it all the more special.
His thumb brushed over the thin fabric of your dress, his lips kissing your temples tenderly. "This is perfect, baby," he whispered.
"Isn't it just," you mumbled, kissing his chest through his shirt.

The song came to an end and he pulled away from your slow dance, his hand still attached to your waist.
His hand that was once joined with yours now pushed a piece of your hair behind your ear, his lips joining yours. You kissed back lovingly, your free arm moving to the nape of his neck.
His hand moved from your waist to the small of your back, pressing your bodies together even tighter.

You hear a soft 'aww' come from the doorway behind you and you pulled away in shame. Jamie smirked at his son, while Lindsey and Lexi grinned feverishly. You turned to face them with a smile, then looked back at Reece. He looked proud of himself, of you.

"I did it, mum. I really did,

I found the perfect girl."

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