Don't you make a move

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[disclaimer - the SK boys in this are all single. I know that not all of them are but it makes more sense in the imagine if they are :)]

"Why are they all coming over again?" You groaned. It's not that you didn't want to see the Stereo Kicks boys again after so long, it's just that you weren't ready to be hit on by 7 guys all over again. Sure, they've all grown up, but so have you. You were nearing 19 years old now and you've known them since you were about 15. Who really wants to be told "You've got hot!" by 7 different voices in one night.

You changed into some jean shorts and a cute shirt, then grabbed a hoodie of Reece's that fell past the legs of the shorts, almost like a dress. You quickly straightened your hair and put on some makeup.
You didn't want to make too much of an effort because it would only increase the chances of being hit on, but you didn't want them to think that you hadn't aged.

It was about 3pm when they started arriving. There was going to be some drinks and music, not a proper party but enough to feel comfortable.
Barclay was first to arrive. You'd always gotten on well with him - he was like an older brother. You hugged and exchanged greetings, fetching you, him and Reece a beer each and taking off the caps.
It wasn't long before Tom arrived, and then Jake. You'd gotten taller than Jake over the years. That pissed him off. Tom was still just the same; always taking care of you like a gentleman would.
After the first 3, things slowed down as it wasn't until about half an hour later that Chris arrived. He'd always made you giggle. Charlie was a few minutes after that. Then Casey and James. The whole gang back together!

After chatting and catching up for an hour or so, you decided to watch a film together. The 9 of you agreed on some sort of horror that would probably scare you. The perfect chance to show the boys that you're Reece's.

You, Reece, Barclay, Charlie and Casey took one sofa, while James, Jake, Tom and Chris took the other. You placed a few bowls of snacks on the table and told the boys to help themselves to drinks, they could have whatever they wanted.

Chris put the movie in and you snuggled into Reece's side, Barclay's arm around the back of the sofa behind you. He smiled at you slightly. He was the only one that Reece was okay with doing this as he knew you had always been close. Reece trusted Barclay to never make a move. The others however, maybe not.

Throughout the movie, you cuddled further into your boyfriend. Barclay's arm inched over you and Reece in a tender way, comforting you as you averted your eyes from the screen. You could feel Reece tense with each jump scare and grip you tighter, as if he was never going to let go. Ever.

About halfway in you started to need the toilet, so you untangled yourself from both boys and climbed over the other two to get to the door.
Casey's eyes lingered on your body a little longer than they should've, and Reece noticed. "Casey! Stop eyeing up my girlfriend!" He raised his voice over the movie, snapping Casey out of his trance.
"Sorry, Reece. It won't happen again,"

Barclay heard Reece mutter a low "no. It won't."

When you got back, you climbed back onto the sofa next to Reece and Barclay. It was nice with the two of them. Barclay was almost like a protective father at this stage and Reece was his usual adorable self. You'd noticed he tried to act a little cooler when the boys were here, slightly more dominant. Probably just to show them that he too had grown up.

After the movie finished you all just sat and talked for a while. Anyone who was a bit squished on the sofa, flopped onto the floor in a tired heap. You, Reece, Barclay, James and Jake stayed on the sofas.
Casey's eyes were still staring with his new view from the floor.

Reece had noticed again. He didn't mention anything to you because he didn't want Casey to think he would pussy out so that you could be his, which would never happen anyway. Instead, he just wrapped his arms around you tighter, placing kisses in the crook of your neck as you listened intently to each boy talking about their new lives.
He nibbled your ear lobe discreetly, you now leaning into him for more contact.
"I wish it was just the two of us right now," he whispered in your ear so quietly that it was silent to everybody else.
You couldn't help but agree.
Your muscles tensed as his soft hands came into contact with your upper thigh, inching over your bikini line.

"Reece, where's the toilet?" Charlie asked, breaking the moment.
"Oh, I'll show you mate, um, I'll be right back baby," he said, lifting you up and standing, then placing you back on the sofa next to Barclay again.
Barclay looked at your boyfriend reassuringly, as if to say that he'd make sure Casey didn't do anything.

A few seconds later, Reece returned to the living room, taking his place on the sofa next to you once more. You shuffled into him, laying on his chest. You wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and held it there softly. His large hand traveled to the small of your back, the other joining with yours in a secure grip. You smiled at each other, leaning in for a peck.

Casey turned away, ashamed and embarrassed.

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