Mini Golf

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"You're going down, Bibby,"
"Hah, you bet! Get ready to be defeated, y/l/n," he grinned. You clinked golf balls, shouting cheers to your game and beginning to play.

You came to hole 1; pretty straightforward, just a small corner to turn and the putting. You can do this, y/n!!
You lined up to the ball, or so you thought. It wasn't long before you felt that classic cliche come true as Reece wrapped his muscly arms around your body and guided your hands onto the club.

His lips were right next to your ear, nipping the skin below the lobe a couple times before talking. "Line up... move your legs a little," he moved his legs around the outside of yours and moved them, forcing yours into the correct place. "Now swing back... not too far, a just hit," he whispered. You watched the ball fly round the corner and come back to you, like a boomerang.
"I'm useless at this," you sulked, looking at him. "Teamwork makes the dream work, y/n," he responded, pushing his glasses further up his nose.

You tried again, his arms still wrapped around yours, and you hit it a little lighter this time, watching it roll right next to the hole. You tapped it in. "Yay!! 3 for me!" You cheered, Reece writing it down on the scorecard. "I'm proud of you baby," he smiled, taking his shots. A two. For goodness sake!!


Many holes later, the two of you had completed the course and were now handing in your clubs. He took yours from you and passed it over the bar, insisting on paying despite your debating efforts.

You went to Nando's, ordering your regular and tucking in. You watched as Reece walked over to the drink's machine, filling the glasses with your favourite drinks, thinking to yourself how lucky you were.

How the hell had you managed it?! A perfect boyfriend, his hair styled effortlessly, the round glasses suiting him brilliantly and his gorgeous lips pursed in concentration.

He placed the two filled glasses down on your table and sat opposite you, grabbing your hand. "I love you, Reece Jamie Bibby," you said, staring into his green eyes.

"I love you so much more, y/f/n y/m/n y/l/n".

So today I wrote a chapter that comes up later in the book and I'm so gassed about it like ndhsbshahauau I actually can't wait for you guys to read it oh wow

it's like 1.3k words long and took me 2 hours to write but I'm unbelievably proud of it and happy with it. It might be my favourite chapter I've ever written.



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