The First Date

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He'd asked you on a date through texting. You never thought he would. But both you and him knew in that supermarket aisle when you first met that there was something more than friends between you.

But now it was time. He was taking you on a walk through the park on a warm summer's day, you'd probably end up sharing a picnic too. How cliché.

You wore a slightly cropped cream coloured button up shirt with a short wrap around skirt covered in a pretty dark blue and cream pattern. You wore heeled gladiator sandals and carried a tan-brown satchel with you.

You placed some round sunglasses on your crimped hair and headed out the door to meet Reece.

Damn he looked hot. He was wearing a t-shirt with a pinkish tinge to it and some cropped black trousers, grey Nikes on his feet and a pair of sunglasses shading his green eyes.

He met you at the local park. "Y/n, y-you look stunning," he stuttered, pulling you in by the waist for a hug. "As do you, Reece-ooh. As do you," you replied, brushing a piece of hair out of your face.

The two of you walked down many winding paths, eventually reaching some very pretty walled gardens. You smiled at all the flowers, leaning down to smell a nearby cluster of yellow orchids. He smirked as he watched you,  his eyes sparkling as he walked over to you.
He plucked a flower out of the floor, making you turn and look at him in complete confusion. He stepped towards you, placing the flower in the front section of your hair, tucking the stem and piece of hair behind you ear gently.
Your breathing quickened as you looked up at his smiling face. Nothing could stop you in that moment.

You grabbed his face and brought it to yours, kissing him passionately as your lips moulded together perfectly. You felt goosebumps as he grabbed your waist and brought you closer.

Finally you broke apart after realising that you were in public.

There were many more kisses that day.

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