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warnings - slut shaming, mentions of abuse, some violent behaviour.
y/f/n - the host of the party, your/friend's name.

I caught his lips between mine as the dirty-blonde-haired boy pushed me against a wall. He kissed me roughly, his hands ripping mine and his clothes off ferociously. I moaned and he slipped his tongue in, running his fingers up and down my thigh to arouse me further. My digits tangled into his soft locks, tugging and pulling as he worked his tongue and lips against mine. He picked me up, gripping onto my thighs to hold me there. He carried me to the bed and laid me down, before crawling on top of me and attaching his lips to my neck. He sucked a few hickeys onto my skin and I cried out, wanting more.


I woke up the next day in an unfamiliar room, an arm over my stomach, and no clothes on. I glanced at the man beside me; Reece. This wasn't the first time I'd woken up in his bed when I wasn't supposed to. His mossy eyes fluttered open and he groaned as he woke, tightening his hold on my midriff.

There was a house party last night, and I'd come with my boyfriend, who, unfortunately, was not Reece. I'd fancied the musician for weeks, even though I was in a relationship. Nobody knew that we felt this way, not even Reece's band mates or my best mates. My boyfriend despised of Reece, and is completely oblivious to our 'situation'.

I fell out of love with my boyfriend a long time ago, though I never left him because he changed. At first he was loving and sweet, all the things a boyfriend should be. But then he started hurting me and touching me in ways I wasn't comfortable with. He scares me. He tells me I can't leave him because he'll do the worst thing he's ever done to me. I don't want to know what that entails. It's bad enough already.

"Morning y/n/n," Reece said in a deep morning voice. Eek, swoon.
"Morning Reecey. Thank you for last night,"
"No, thank you, baby. I wish you could leave that monster you call your 'boyfriend'" he sneered the last word.
"I wish I could too, I honestly do. But I've told you exactly what he told me,"

"I'd willingly volunteer myself to take whatever punishment he'd force on you. I'd do anything for you."

I smiled at my, well, at Reece, before joining our lips again. No lust involved, just the sweet taste of love and happiness, something I hadn't felt with y/boyfriend's/n in a long time.

"Y/n! Y/bf/n is here to take you home, are you okay?" Shit. It was the host of the party. I forgot about that.
"I'll be down in a second, y/f/n, I'm just getting changed," you shouted back before turning to Reece, "quick, hide! He'll murder me if he finds us naked in a bed together."
"I'll send y/bf/n in, then!"


I helped Reece hide in the wardrobe with his clothes, where he could get changed quietly, before pulling my lacy shirt and ripped jeans back on. I was buttoning up my flys as he walked in.

"Hey baby, how was last night?" He said, walking behind me and kissing my neck.

The hickeys.

"It w-was... alright, I guess,"

"Only alright? I can change that if you want," he said with a disgusting smirk.

"Y/bf/n, not now, please,"

"You'll do as I say. Shirt, off. Now."

I hesitantly pulled off my shirt, still very aware of Reece in the closet. I looked over to the furniture and gulped. He couldn't stay in there forever.
My top half was exposed and the hickeys were very visible.

"Are they... love bites? From another man," he interrogated me, I stayed silent. "Answer me, slut."
I nodded apprehensively.
"How fucking dare you. You cheated on me! Now I have to punish you, slut. But first, tell me. Who was it?"
I stayed silent again.
"I said, who was it?!" He pressed for an answer.

As I was about to answer, Reece sprang from the closet, standing between me and y/bf/n. He walked backwards and held my wrists from in front of me. I linked my hands with his and stayed behind him, I knew that's what he was signalling. I pulled on my shirt.

"You're disgusting," Recce began, "you'd treat a girl, so precious, so beautiful, like that? She's an angel, she deserves none of it. You're an absolute creature, you know that?"

"Recce Bibby. You cheated on me with that?" The way he spoke about Reece cut into me.
"I treat her better than you ever have," he dared to say.

"This has happened before?"

"Reece, stop. You should go, I can handle him," I whispered into his ear.
"No, y/n, I'm not leaving you. Not if my life depended on it,"

Y/bf/n had taken us talking as an opportunity to try and move around Reece.
"If you dare take a step forward then I'm calling the police."

But y/bf/n didn't care. He took several steps forward, pushing Reece out the way and aggressively gripping my body. He put a hand around my neck.
"Every step you take I'll tighten my grip," he threatened. I knew he meant it.
"You wouldn't,"
"Oh, I would. Wouldn't I, y/n?"
I nodded feebily. Reece couldn't take another step. He couldn't leave the room, or I'd be taken advantage of.

The door creaked open. Y/f/n.

"What the fuck is going on?"

They saw me in a choke hold, y/bf/n the cause. Reece wanted to break down and cry, but also wanted to punch him.

"Y/bf/n? You... you wouldn't, would you?"
"He would. And he has done, for months. Me and y/n fell in love weeks ago and she told me why our relationship was forbidden. I could've cried," I wanted to run out of y/bf/n's arms and hug him, but I couldn't. His grip was tightening, his expensive watch cutting into my skin, "call the police. Now. That's all that can be done,"

Y/f/n nodded, taking his/her phone out of their back pocket.
"If you dial that number, she stops breathing,"
"Oh shut up with your fucking empty threats. How dare you speak to me, treat her, like that. She deserves to be treated like a princess and you've treated her like filth. It's time that changes."

Y/bf/n was done. He let go of me and I caught my breath. He couldn't run anywhere, so he paced up and down instead.

"I'm screwed, aren't I?"

"You're more than that. You're behind bars, buddy."

Long ass chapter. Do you guys like longer chapters??

This was kind of based off of my favourite book series, the Trylle Novels. This was based off of a scene from the book Ascend from that series. I really recommend these books, they're incredible!!



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