Falling All Over Again

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Sunday morning, 11am. In bed with my beautiful girlfriend. Heaven, if you ask me.
I lay on my back, head facing her and an arm stretched out underneath her body. I had the other hand on her waist and our faces almost touching as she mused, resting against my shoulder.

We were both awake. Sometimes it's nice just to be with her. We don't have to be doing anything; just her presence is more than enough for me.
I was looking into her y/e/c eyes. They're so easy to get lost in. And the way she looks at me drives me insane - lovestruck, adoring, simply joyous. She spoke softly to me, "I love you, Bibby." We were so close that her nose brushed mine. The smile was evident in her voice.
"I love you too, y/l/n," my eyes flickered to her lips for a second and I pushed mine upon them, capturing her in the artwork of our love.

I could feel the emotions she was sprinkling into the kiss. I never want this love to end. The rays of sun shining through the curtain danced over our bodies like fireworks, and the duvet hid our intertwined legs, fingers, and souls. I felt her press her lips against mine harder and I slipped my tongue into her mouth. She bit it cheekily - she knows I love it when she does that. The hand that was on her hip now cupped her face, holding her as if she was a precious jewel. I poured every last drop of passion within me into this kiss.

That happens every time we kiss. And every time it does, it feels like I'm falling all over again.

Kinda short but I love how it turned out, I hope you do too!!

Anyone who is meeting the boys this week on the townnearme busking thing, I hope you have fun!! I wish I could go but I live an hour and a half from the nearest one (Birmingham), and it's at 9am so my mum said no. But, if you are going, have the best time!!

Love you all <3


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