Bad boy. Good kiss.

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•Italics are a flashback•

You heard a tap on your window pane, loud enough to wake you from your deep slumber. You glanced over at the alarm clock. 2:52. You sighed, then realised who it would be. You raked a hand through your messy bedhead, walking to the window.

You opened your curtains, seeing the outline of his head and shoulders. Even in the pitch black, you could see the emerald of his eyes. You pushed your window open and helped him inside, muffling your giggles at the awkward angles he found himself in. He smiled and turned on the torch on his phone, shining it at you. You squinted and yawned, he grinned stupidly at you.

"So what brings you to my room at nearly 3am?" You asked, settling under your duvet with him. He'd kicked off his boots and taken his leather jacket off. He was shirtless and snuggly - a rare look for Reece, apparently. his hair was all messy but you wouldn't want it any other way.

"I missed you, I guess. I know I hate school but I hate missing you more. I know how your parents feel about me, so I found an alternative route to your bedroom," he said casually, fiddling with the ends of your hair. You smiled and kissed his soft lips. You loved how that felt. It gave you butterflies and warmed your heart like nothing else. You knew just how lucky you were to have him.

You were sat in detention. This was the first you'd ever had, and hopefully the last. You sat alone at the back, feeling like crap after being given your first detention. Your maths teacher had given it to you after you'd failed to give in your homework after he'd asked for it 3 times.
The truth was you were stressed about upcoming exams as you'd been revising non-stop for weeks; the school and your entire family were expecting nothing less than straight A's.

That's when he walked in.


The tall, dirty blonde haired boy. You saw him every day in the hallway making out with a different girl each time. No surprise he was in detention. Every girl wanted him, though just for lust. They all knew that there was no way that Reece Bibby would ever actually get into a relationship.

He hung out with the druggies and the alcohol addicts, the ones with tattoos and pretty much endless amounts of piercings. He was a bad boy. You were the exact opposite.

He scanned the classroom for a spare seat, his green eyes falling to yours as he selected his place. Why was he walking over to you, of all people? No, surely not. Oh, nevermind.

He pulled out the seat on the desk next to you, making a point of scraping the legs across the linoleum floor. He sat down next to you, scanning over your body with those devilish eyes. He reached your face to see you gawking, then raised an eyebrow. You snapped out of your trance and blushed, turning away in embarrassment.

"Hey," he whispered, inching closer and closer to your face, "this is pretty shit, huh?" You agreed, wanting the ground to open up and swallow you.

"What do you say we get out of here and have a bit more fun, ey?"

You knew how wrong it was to go with him, but the teacher as sleeping and there was nothing you wanted more at that moment than to let him take you wherever he wanted. He saw your y/e/c eyes light up and held out a hand. Damn. The swooning has only just begun.

You sighed and placed your hand in his much bigger one, allowing him to pull you through the desks, slipping past the teacher silently. Shocked faces formed a sea at who Reece was leading off today. You smiled sarcastically as he pulled you away, almost sweeping you off your feet. He caught you effortlessly, noses almost touching when he pulled your frame back to it's correct position. He pulled your waist to his crotch, staring your eyes. He leaned in to push his lips to yours, then the thudding of steps could be heard on the hallway floor.
You gasped as he pulled you into a store cupboard shutting the door. You stayed against the wall awkwardly, slowing his hand to cover your mouth. You waited for whoever it was to walk past, then opened the door again.

You followed him out the school doors and to your house, sneaking him through the back door while your mum was working in the dining room. You hurried him upstairs and into your room, ties and blazers abandoned on your bed. You shut the door and allowed him to push you against it, taking your jaw in his rough palms and smashing his lips against yours in a long-awaited kiss. You smiled into it, mouths moving in sync.
You pulled away to unbutton your school blouse, the pushed your lips back to his again hurriedly. He grinned and pulled away again to take off his own shirt, then connected the two of you once again.
You stepped out of your tights and shimmied out of your pencil skirt, his hands coming to your waist to push your crotches together. You gasped as he squeezed your ass and he slipped his tongue into your mouth. Still kissing, you hurriedly unbuckled his belt and let his trousers fall to his ankles, then let your bodies - but not lips - part as he stepped out of them and pushed you into the bed...

That evening got pretty crazy, you had the best sex of your life. He had to go through the window to avoid being caught when your dad got home.

You sighed and cuddled into his bare chest, your eyes fluttering shut.
"Baby?" He whispered in the darkness of your bedroom at night.
"Yeah, Reece?"
"What're you thinking about?" He asked.

"Us," you began, "how we began, where we are now. What even is... this? A relationship? Friends with benefits?"

"It's exactly like you said, y/n. This is us. We're not like all the other couples, but that's why it's exciting. We don't know when we'll get the chance to do this again so we make the most of it, it's special,"

You thought about his words for a minute and when to speak again, though no words come out. He spoke instead.

"I love you, y/n."

You were struck. He, Reece Bibby, loves you?

"I know it sounds crazy but I do. This, here, is love. I want it and I want you forever more. You make me happy, show me the light through all the drugs, pain, alcohol. I didn't think I'd fall for the good girl,"

You smiled.

"I love you too, you know, Reece? I love you more than I can ever express. I know you get told that so often but that's not love like I love you. That's lust. Trust me, I never thought I'd fall for a bad boy."

He kissed your head and then moved closer to your face, his lips brushing your cheekbones as he spoke, barely noticeable.

"Well, here we are."


You woke at 5am to Reece's alarm. His arm moved from around your waist and he hurried out of bed, gathering his clothes and pulling them on. He walked to the window sill, opening your window to a very early sunset. You got out of bed and went over, kissing him on the cheek as a goodbye.

And with that he was gone.


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