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It was 7pm and you were heading to Reece's for a sleepover. You weren't very far into your relationship but you trusted him and were madly in love with him.

You knocked on the door and his mum answered, dressed very smartly for a ball that she and Jamie were going to that evening. Lexi was at a sleepover, so you and Reece had the place to yourselves.
"Hi, y/n! How're you?" She asked, propping the door open by standing in the way. "I'm good thank you Lynds, you look gorgeous!" She thanked you and offered you inside, which you gladly said yes to. Lexi was already out and Jamie stood in the kitchen with a suit on. You greeted each other and Lyndsey shouted up the stairs for her son to come down and say hello.

He came downstairs dressed in your favourite jumper of his - the orange one - and some black sweats. He grinned and embraced you, an arm lingering on your waist as he said goodbye to his parents.
Lyndsey kissed you both on the cheek and Jamie gave you both a hug, stepping outside with their arms linked and getting in the cab that was waiting for them.

They drove off, but a window rolled down before they properly set off. Jamie poked his head out and shouted, "USE PROTECTION!", making Reece roll his eyes. "He's been waiting all day to shout that, you know," you giggled in response and you headed up to his room.
You sat on his bed and he played you a new song he'd written recently. You could've cried, it was beautiful. He had clearly written it about you and you felt honoured.

You lay together and talked for a little bit, not wanting to talk about everything because you wanted something to chat about at 2am.

You decided to watch a movie. Reece had somehow persuaded you to take off your makeup, even though that made you extremely self-conscious. He assured you that you looked gorgeous all the time, no matter how dressed up or dressed down you were. You took a makeup wipe out of your toiletries bag and headed through to the bathroom, wiping off whatever was on your face. You sighed at your appearance, at the spots on your face, at the dark circles beneath your eyes and the tiny stumps that were apparently 'eyelashes'. You saw Reece come up behind you through the mirror, he was smirking at you.

"I told you you were gorgeous," he said, wrapping his arms round you waist from behind. You looked into his eyes in the reflection, seeing him tuck some hair behind your ear and nip your cartilage. You moaned and tilted your head away, allowing him more access.
He'd left hickeys all over that side of your neck and you smiled at the sight. He licked his lips when he finished and pulled you downstairs.

You laid on his chest on the sofa, and he added to the collection of love bites on your skin. It was nice. The feeling of love with a hint of lust, the hickeys showing your adoration for each other in a new light.
There was a boring bit in the film you were 'watching', so you took the opportunity to straddle his hips and let him kiss your skin even more. You tugged on his mop of dirty blonde hair and he moaned against your skin.

The rest of that evening was spent naked, on the sofa, with a soundtrack of moaning and profanities.

okay so this turned out a bit different to how it was meant to lol
it was meant to be really sweet about reece helping you with insecurities but nOPE, I WROTE A NASTY INSTEAD

well, half a nasty. i'll never write smut, sorry guys. i like reading them but i feel so uncomfortable with the thought of writing them and idk why.
and i don't do things by halves (ironic considering this is a halfsmut), so it'd be really kinky and in depth so um nO, sorry guys 😂

enjoy <3


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