Meeting him

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"Y/n, here's a list, go and get these for me," your mum said, handing you a shopping list. You raised an eyebrow expectantly. "Please," she continued. "Right away, mother dear," you responded, taking the list from her and heading off to go and find the shampoo.

You entered the toiletries aisle, glancing up and down the shelves to find what you were looking for. You stopped in front of the L'Oréal stuff, scanning for your favourite one. You spotted it on the top shelf, internally sighing and cursing at yourself for your weak height. You stretched up onto your tiptoes, your arm reaching as high as you could. Darn. One shelf too low, and you weren't getting closer any time soon.

Behind you, a young boy around your age was watching you struggle with a smirk on his face. He walked over, seeming confident but not cocky, and asked with the most wonderful accent you had ever heard, "Need a little help with that?" You jumped out of your skin, not realising he had been watching.

You looked up at his face, taken aback by the sheer beauty of him. His eyes were a gorgeous shade of green, the rare kind that everyone would die to have. His hair was dirty blonde, styled into a quiff-type shape but not really a quiff. He had a slight smirk playing on his lips and the clearest skin ever. He was literally an angel.

"Oh, um- yeah, thank you. The red one please," you said, watching his muscles flex as he reached for the bottle with ease and passed it to you. His hands looked rough and calloused, forcing you to further swoon. "Maybe I should stick with you in case there and any more things you can't reach?" He winked. "Haven't you heard of stranger danger?" You sassed at him, now also smirking. "Fine then, I'll tell you about me, then I won't be a stranger. My name is Reece, I'm 18, I have a little sister named Lexi and I'm a musician. I'm in a band called New Hope Club and my number is ###########," he replied with equal sass.

You rolled your eyes. So much for playing hard to get. "I need to get moisturizer next," you gave in and told him. "Right this way," he said, gesturing to his right and allowing you to walk in front of him.


After you'd finished all the shopping on your list, with the help of Reece of course, you headed to the checkout to meet your mum. "You coming, Reece?" You asked. "Sure, my family will be ages yet." You lead him to your mum, both of your arms filled with products your mum asked you to get, along with pointless crap that Reece said you needed. For example, he told you to get a new hairbrush because he "wouldn't trust yours until he'd seen it,".

"Y/N! Where have you been, young lady? I've been waiting for ages! And who's this?" "Mum, this is Reece, he insisted on helping me with shopping because I was too short to reach the shampoo," You said, introducing the two of them. "Pleasure to meet you, Mrs Y/l/n," He greeted offering for a handshake. She took it and returned the greeting gratefully. Reece's phone went off in his back pocket. "Oh, that's my dad. I'd better go but I'll text you later y/n. See you around," He said, putting your groceries on the belt and winking as he left. "See you Reece," You said, waving him off before turning to help your mum put the shopping on the conveyor belt.

" 'I'll text you later', huh?" Your mum teased. "Oh shut up," you said, smiling to yourself.



If you're new to my books then hi, I'm Millie, a certified NHC enthusiast. I've written Blake and George imagines on my acc before (shameless plugs are my mojo, too).

Disclaimer, I am aware of the fact that at the time of writing this, Reece is 20, him being 18 just helps the story along a bit :)

Enjoy the first chapter, and hopefully all the rest!!


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