Chapter 17: We're going home..NOT

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We ran as fast as our legs could go. It was just Max, Ashlynn, Justin and I. She was right behind us. We ran faster. We ran into the car and Justin drove off immediately. We're finally going home. My current worries were my sister and my 3 best friends. I looked out the window and I couldn't track where we were. My phone rang and it was an unkown caller. I answered the call.


"You're not getting away with this"

The call got cut off. No! What the hell is this? What does this mean?!

"Alex? Who was that?" Ashlynn asked.

"I don't know. The call got cut off after he said 'You're not getting away with this'"

Ashlynn kept silent. No words came out. She turned completely pale.

"Are we going to die?" She stammered.

"No we're not" I assured her.


-Sarah's POV-

No! They got away. There's no way I can get them back. No no no! This can't happen. My goal was to kill them and offer their souls to The One. The One will be so upset with me! I killed 30 students including the 3 dumb kids. I needed all of them to die and give their souls. He'll never forgive me and never let me get a chance to go after them again.

"They got away" creepy receptionist, David said.

"I know" I said dryly.

"The One will never forgive us"

"Why 'us'?"

"We were on a mission together so if one dies, the other dies too. Don't you listen to The One?"


We're dead.

"Hey! Why don't you do the spell 'Once you get here, there's no way out'?"

"Oh right!"


-My POV-

We've been going around for hours now and there's no where we can go. We can't get out if here. We finally saw some light and decided to go there. We arrived back at the hotel. Oh no!

"What the hell?" Justin said.

"Why are we back here? What the hell are we doing back here?!" I asked. We were supposed to be on our way home. We were supposed to get away from this hell pit. I was supposed to get home and see my dead sister. Why am I back here?! I need answers!

"I know"

"Well?!" I snapped at him.

"She worships The One. That means she knows spells. She did the 'Once you get here, there's no way out' spell. Meaning if we try to get out of this place, no matter what direction we go, we will never be able to get out of here. We will always come back to where things started."


A/N:- It almost the end. 1/2/3 more chapters. I haven't decided so yeah xD

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