Chapter 4: Second Night

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Night came and we were back in the bloody hotel. All I wanna do right nownl is to get away from this hell-pit. "What's with that face all day?" Max asked observing my expression.

"What face?" I asked playing dumb.

"That!" he said pointing at my face.

"It's nothing. I'm just really tired that's all" I said and faked a laugh. Thankfully it sounded real.



We took the lift and pressed the button which will lead us to the 7th floor,where our room is. The light of the button disappeared and the door opened. We checked to see the floor number on the screen above the door.

It showed no number. The hallway was dark and theres barely any light. The lights were flickering. "Oh shit! What floor is this?" Ashlynn asked,scared. I shrugged. I tried closing the door. I pressed the CLOSE button multiple times but it won't close. All of a sudden, I saw something dash across the hallway. It happened too fast. I tried closing the doors again. Oh thank God it closed.


We finally reached the 7th floor. We walked over to our stupid room. I stuffed the key into the keyhole and it opened. I turned on all the lights. There was something strange. "What is that stench? Smells like shit!" Marcus said pinching his nose. "Smells like rotting flesh!" Angeline said. I'm sick and tired of this. I don't give a damn anymore.


Ashlynn, Angeline and I walked into our rooms laughing our asses off because of John. The moments we stepped into our rooms, the smeel grew stronger. We found the closest left ajar. It seemed like the smell was coming fromthe closet.

I hesitated to open it but eager to do it. I eventually had the guts to open it. We all screamed when we saw what was in that closet. It was a dead body with rotting flesh. The smell was unbearable. The scent was too disgusting. It was impossible not to gag. The body seemed like it had beencthere for days. "What the hell is go-" Marcus barged in and stopped dead in his tracks.

"Oh My God!"


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