Chapter 14: Stuck

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I dialled Justin's number multiple times but the call just wouldn't go through. I never gave up. Jesscia. My sister, my best friend, my life! Memories of the happy times we spent together came flashing through my mind. I dialled the number once more.


"JUSTIN??Oh My God! Please can you hurry up and get us out of here!"

"I can, But right now, I can't"


"Yeah, I heard. Did you know why she died?"

"No! Tell me! Who did it!!"

"Your teacher. I'm notified you guys know about your teacher's little secret. Am I right?"

"Yes, we do. She confessed"

"Well, she wanted to kill all of your friends except you. She wanted you to be the last one standing. She killed your sister because she wanted to see how broken you'll be or how much emotional pain it will cause you. She offered her soul to the devil. The way she killed the other students on the trip."

How is it possible not to shed a tear when you hear this?

"Please! Justin! I beg you, get us out of here!" I choked out, tears still falling.

"I can't right n-"


"Fine! You guys still at Room 414?"


"I'll be there"

He hung up after that. I broke the news to my friends and we immediatly packed everything up. We waited and waited and waited. I thought he'd ditch us.

We heard a faint knock on the door. I lookrd through the hole thingy on the door. It was Justin. I pulled the door handle but it wouldn't open. I yanked it harder but it still won't open. The locks weren't fastened but it wouldn't open.


"No!! it won't budge!"

We're gonna die!


Yea shut up. I'm not writing shit xDDD


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