Chapter 11: Don't tell me it's who I think it is

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"Yo Alex! So, that man. How did he look like? I mean like any similarities of people we know? Or do you remember any of his feature?" Max asked.

I never actually noticed what his features were like, to be honest. But I can remember bits and piece of it.

"Well, I'm not sure but I can remember a little bit. He was odd looking. He wore a black jacket when he handed me the letter. He didn't really look at me fully so I'm not really sure. He looked kinda familiar. He had grey eyes and dark brown hair. He looked very familiar but I just can't tell who it is."

"Wait! Grey eyes and dark brown hair?" Ashlynn asked

"Dark brown to black"

"I know that guy!"

"Who is he?"

"Remember in 7th grade? Me, you, Jessica, Seth and Penelope got stuck in this weird looking place which Seth assumed was haunted"

Oh yeah! I totally forgot about it. I forgot that Ashlynn and I were friends ever since. Okay, anyway, we were 12. Our teachers took us to the beach for a few nights on a school trip. We stayed in a gorgeous beach house. Me, Ashlynn, Jessica and Penelope went for a walk. We came across this weird looking place. We decided to go in. We were looking around the place when suddenly Seth came. He was asked to look for us but he ended up getting caught up in this mess with us. Poor boy. Anyway, we got trapped in there and were shouting for help. Seth assumed it was haunted. Then, that man came and help us, I remember him. Soon after that, rumours were spread that that place was actually haunted. Back to reality.

"I remember alright! But are you sure it's that guy?" I asked

"Positive!" she said and beamed at me.

"Well, alright I guess"

"There's just one problem!" Angeline added.

"What is it?"

"How are we supposed to find him again and get out of here. We can't leave like this right? So we need his help. We're in the middle of nowhere. No buses, no cabs, no people. Now, where do we find him again?"


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