Chapter 12: The Number

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"He did send the letter right? So he's bound to return. If we won't be able to see him again, why would he even send the lettter in the first place?" I said to the very worried looking Angeline.

Max took the envelope which held the letter and shaked it. He shoved his hand into the envelope and pulled out a small piece of paper. I got up and took a glance at the tiny piece of paper. It was folded up.

"Open it!" I urged him.

"Fine! Fine! No need to rip my head off, woman!"

He unfolded the paper. It wrote a couple of numbers. I'm guessing it's a phone number. Since Max phone was the only one left with battery we needed to use his. Selfish idiot doesn't wanna share his portable charger.

"Gimme your phone" I said and outstretched my hand waiting for him to give it.

"What for?" Max asked confused

"Just give it!"

He huffs and places his phone in my awaiting palms. I touched phone on his Samsung and began dialing the number on the piece of paper. I put the phone near my ear.

The number you dialled is unvailable. Please try again later.

It immediatly went to voicemail. Strange. I chekced the signal bar on the phone and it showed one bar. I re-dialled the number. This time, it didn't go to voicemail. It started to ring.

"I see you managed to get me" the strange man said on the other line.

"Yeah, you're Justin?"

"Yes, I am. Remember? I helped you that year"

"Yeah, thanks alot. But now, we need your help again."

"Oh I see you've read my letter. That was quick"

" can you help us out?"

"I need t-"

The line got cut off before he could finish his sentence.

"NO NO NO NO NO!!" I yelled and tried dialing the number again but the call wouldn't go through.

"Whats wrong?" Marcus asked, dumb as ever.

"The line got cut off!!"

Before anyone could say anything, we heard a scream. Help! Stop! Please! Let us out of here!!!

It's the same screams that we heard on our first night here.

"Is that-?" Max asked worried.

"Yes, it is"


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