Chapter 15: Why now?

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I took hold of the handle once again and yanked it wih all might. I kept convincing myself that I was going to die and thought of the worst case scenarios. Justin tried pulling the door from the other side of the door. The door eventually open and I was more than relieved.

"JUSTIN!!" I yelled the moment the door flew open.

"Yeah,hi. I'm going to get you kids out of here soon" 

"Hey,umm..I have to ask. Where exactly are we?" Ashlynn asked politely.

Her kindness makes me wanna puke. It's not that I'm not kind or anything but she takes it overboard you know. Like- forget it.

"We're...umm...honestly, I have no idea. I got lost on the way somewhere and I saw this hotel in the middle of nowhere. It freaked me out because there wasn't a single soul here. Curiosity hit me and I stopped my car and stepped into this hotel. The moment I stepped in, I knew something wasn't right. I could sense it. When I saw you kids, actually when I saw you and that girl over there" he said gesturing towards Ashlynn and I "I remember I helped you guys. I saw the look on you guys faces. I knew that you guys had no way to get outta here because you were students and it was obviously a school trip. Thats when I wrote the letter." he finished.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "So, you went through all this for us?"



"Don't sweat it"

"So it means we're going home now?"



We pressed the down button on the lift and we made our way to the basement floor. We were about to leave when the bitch appeared from nowhere. 

"Woah! Hold up! Who are you and where are you taking my kids?" Sarah butted in. I snicked when she said 'my' kids.

"I'm Justin and I'm getting these kids out of here" he said casually and began walking again.

"Hey! It's my responsibility to take care of them and making sure they get home safely?"

"And how have you been taking your responibility so far?" 


"I will take these kids home and there's nothing you can do about it!" He said.

"Nothing?" she asked and laughed cynically.


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