Chapter 10: The Letter

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"Are you freaking kidding me?!" Marcus asked pissed.

"I won't lie to people,please!" She says. We start to break into laughs.

"Yeah! Says the woman who lied to us!" Marcus said and started laughing.

"Freaking choose!"

"You think we would actually choose? Who do you think we are?!"

"Hmm..let me think..immature, dumb kids?"

"YOU LITTLE BITCH!" Marcus yells and attacks her but we couldn't stop him in time.

"Okay! If you kids don't wanna choose, you just wait!!!!!"


After all this, I wonder what we're still doing here. I mean, we could have escaped right? Wrong! No transportation, no people and our phones were out of battery. We're just sitting in the lobby of the hotel. Apparently, Sarah had to do something. Marcus was staring into space. I guess thinking about John because I saw tears escape his eyes. Ashlynn, Angeline and myself were talking but I got lost in their conversation halfway. Max was staring at his phone(as usual). An odd looking old man approached me and broke me out of my thoughts. He handed me a antique looking letter. The sides of the envelope were burnt. It was sealed shut. I tore it opened and it read:-

"1 |v0w h0w 2 937 ¥0u |1c5 0u7 0f h3~3


My friends stared at me as I tried to figure out what the letter wrote.

"What does it say?" Marcus asked as everyone started to surround me.

"Shh, I'm trying to figure it out."

After loads of shuting up and annoying questions, I finally managed to figure it out. Well, I think.

"GOT IT!" I yelled.

"REALLY? What does it say?!!" Ashlynn asked excited.

"1 = I

|v0w = know

h0w = how

2 = to

937 = get

¥0u = you

|1c5 = kids

0u7 = out

0f = of

h3~3 = here


"Who was it by?!" Max asked.

"I can't figure it out"

"Give me that!" Marcus said and snatched the letter from my hands.

"Justin" he says confidently.

"Who is he?"



NEW CHAPTERRRRRRR :p I'm really lazy to write an A/N..sorry xD it basically the and follow tq :)


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