Chapter 3: Liar

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"What ghost?!" Angeline asked. I stepped into the bathroom. Again! I felt that presence. I looked at the mirror. I screamed at the top of my lungs when I saw a girl in a beautiful white dress hanging from the ceiling. The dress was covered in blood. Her eyes staring into my soul. 5 of them came running in after the sound of my scream. "Oh My God! What the hell?!" Marcus said staring at the girl then at me. My knees started to give up on me. Angeline and Marcus lifted me before I fell. "We needa get outta here!" I said with all my courage from what I saw.


"What do you mean by no?" I asked

"No means no. What kind of bullshit is this huh? You saw ghost? Lifts stopping at random floors?The hotel is haunted? College students killed themselves there?Random screaming at midnight? Do you think that I would believe all that nonsense?" Miss Sarah snapped. Man! her arrogance makes me wanna ......

"Why? Any other room except Room 414. What's so difficult about that? There has to be alot of available rooms right? Nobody even comes here!" I said angrily.

"NO MEANS NO! And who on Earth told you these nonsense about haunted room? It's all in your mind!"

"The Receptionist standing right there!" I said pointing at the creepy receptionist standing behind the counter. God he creeps me out. We walked over to the counter.

"Excuse me sir, but my students here are complaining that you told them false rumours about their room being haunted? They currently believe you and they assume its haunted." Miss Sarah said politely

"Sorry,Miss but I have no idea what you're talking about" He said giving a fake apologetic look.


"Sorry but I really don't know what you're talking about" he said.

"WHAT THE @#$%! YOU B@#$%&*D! YOU LIAR!!! GO ROT IN HELL!!!" I screamed angrily at him having the urge to kill him.

"Alexis!" Miss Sarah said giving me a disgusted look. My friends calmed me down and told me that I didn't have to believe the lies from that asshole receptionist.

"Okay, it doesn't matter. Do you have another room to spare for 6 of them?" Miss Sarah asked politely.

"Only single rooms are available. All the suites have been used." he said.

"It's okay! Thank you" she said and smiled.


We boarded the bus and continued what our itenery had been planed. I didn't even enjoy this at all. "I regret coming!"  I sighed.


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