Room 414

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"Angeline,Ashlynn,John,Marcus,Max and Alexis. You guys will share Room 414 when we arrive at our destination" Miss Sarah stated. "Room 414?No! 4 in chinese means death. There are double 4's in our room number!" Marcus started blabbing about the Chinese Superstitions.

"Oh shut it,Marcus!" Angeline said.

"Excuse me?" he snapped

"Yeah! I said shut it!" 

"Hey! It's a belief. If you don't wanna believe me, suit yourself!" he said annoyed. Here we go again. The moody Marcus has returned.


There we were. Standing outside our hotel. Breathing in the city air. "Looks a little deserted here" I sighed.

"Group leaders of every group please collect your room keys from the receptionist" Miss Sarah said. 

"You guys will be getting Room 414 huh?" the creepy receptionist asked

"Well,umm..yeah I guess" 

"Here's your key" he said smiling creepily

"Thank you"

"Oh wait. Bad choice of choosing Room 414. Let me tell you that it's haunted." he said 

"What do you mean by 'haunted'?" I asked,scared

"A few years ago, a few college students killed themselves in that room. This hotel is already haunted itself. You guys staying in that room? Bad idea" he said 

"Okayy. But, I'm not buying it!" I said arrogantly and walked away.

"Why don't you buy it? I've been working here for years now" he said

"Does it look like I care? If you are warning me about this, why aren't you scared yourself?"

"I'm used to it. I like ghosts and haunted things" he said laughing.

"Okayy..I'm going to get going now" I said hurrying away.

"What was that creepy dude telling you?" Max asked.

"He said this place was haunted" I said.

"HAUNTED?!" everyone screamed.

"Shhhhhh..yes..that's what he told me." I said shusshing them.

We walked to the elevator and pressed the 7th floor. G,1,2,3,4 The door opened at the 4th floor. "Thats weird" I said. I closed the door. 5,6. The door opened again. I closed the door. "Creepy shit!" I said, shivering. " Maybe it really is haunted" Ashlynn said scared. " Bullshit." I said. I've never really believed in these things. Finally, it opened at the 7th floor. We walked down the hall way to find our room number. "410,411,412,413,414" I said and stuffed the key in the key hole. "Our room is the last room of this floor" Ashlynn said trembling. I was about the open the door when Marcus held me back from doing it. "Knock first! To let them know we're coming in" he said. I rolled my eyes. ~Knock knock knock~


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