Chapter 5: Vanished

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We stood there in shock. The other boys came in and had the same reaction. "H-how are we supposed to last another 2 nights in this hell pit?!" John asked angrily. I totally understand his feelings. I couldn't take this crap anymore!! "I'm going to do whatever it takes to get away from here!" I said walking out of the room and the others following my lead.


"I already told you guys no!" Miss Sarah said pissed off.

"YOU WANT PROOF? WE'LL SHOW YOU PROOF!" I said turning my back on her and walking with my friends. She followed my lead. We then again went into the lift and pressed the button which will lead us to the 7th floor. G,1,2,3,4 and it opened. Miss Sarah's face went pale. "I though you guys pressed 7?" she said shivering. "Thats what we meant all along!!" I said angrily. I closed the door.

We finally arrived on the 7th floor. "And your proof is just that lift?" She asked. Oh shut it would ya,Sarah?? She's getting on my nerves. "Just....wait!" I said trying to hold back my anger. I opened our room door and the smell was gone. I was abit shocked. So were my friends. I walked over to that closet and opened it expecting to see that thing that scarred me for life.

"Here!" I said and ended up with a shocked expression.

"What?" Miss Sarah asked. The body was missing. No wonder the smell vanished. I looked at my friends and all their faces went pale.

"B-buutt I-I s-saw a-a rotting-g bodyy in there!" I said shivering.

"Well,its not here. What are you going to do about it?" she asked arrogantly.

"LISTEN HERE,SARAH! WE SAW IT AND I HAVE EVIDENCE. WE ALL SAW IT AND YOU ACCUSE US OF TELLING LIES?!?" I said really angry now. Ashlynn and Marcus tried calming me down.

"Its true,Miss Sarah. We saw that body." Angeline said calmly.

"We didn't just see the body. Many other shenanigans has all happened in this room" Ashlynn said.

"I can't do anything about it,guys. You saw me try to help you guys" she said to them but stared daggers at me. Wow if crime was legal for a day, she'll be the first I'd kill.


We decided to sleep because it was really late. I checked my phone and saw my clock which showed 3:40 am. We all went into our rooms when suddenly we heard a loud scream from the boys room. We immediately ran to their room. Their face was pale. "What happened?" I asked. We looked around the room. We screamed. The exact same body from the closest was on Max's bed under the covers. "H-HOW DID THAT GET FROM THERE TO HERE?!?!?" I asked scared.


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