Chapter 9: Confession

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"Well..urmm..I.." Miss Sarah said trembling.

"Well?? I'm waiting!" Marcus asked tapping his foot impatiently.

"I-I..umm..have m-make"


"I-I sent the other kids home because they said they saw g-ghosts" she said trembling.

"Oh! So when they see ghost you can send them back but when we see ghost you don't believe us and let us deal with this all by ourselves?!?! NICE POLICY SARAH!!!" he said really angry.

"And..I-I..umm..purposely make you kids stay in this hotel"

"Are you crazy?!?! GET YOUR HEAD CHECKED WILSON!!"

"And..urmm..I-I sent the other kida back on the first day of their stay here. T-The other kids in the bus w-were just r-relections of them"

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU??" Marcus yelled. We tried to calm him down and he finally did.

"Are you sure they went home or they got killed here too like John? Reflection? How long have they been dead!" He said abit calm now.

"T-they went h-home!" she said with all her willpower trying to hide her pathetic sobs. That bitch doesn't deserve to cry.

"HOW LONG?!?!" He asked angrier

"2 d-days"

"2 DAYS?!" He raises his voice as if to threathen her.

"Y-yeah..its a reflection of them. I did a spell and offered their souls to the d-devil a-and they will show a reflection of the body for 13 days. What I-I did to John was ask the devils to kill him. He is not like the others. He is dead." She said shivering.

"YOU LITTLE @#$%&!" He says pissed and attacks her but we hold him back in time.

"And one last thing" she said smirking evilly with full confidence. We shared worried looks at each other.

"I'm planning to do what I did to John to the other 5 or you. You have a choice. To be like John or the other students"


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