Chapter 20: Home Sweet Home

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Justin pulled over at the porch of my house. I got out the car and sighed a breath of relief.

My mom greeted me the moment I got home and pulled me into a hug.

I gathered my luggages and laid it in my room and began unpacking the items I brought for the trip.


After 2 agonizing hours of unpacking, I made my way downstairs. My mom greeted me with a smile.

"How was your trip?" she asked.

I shuddered as the memories of the trip came flashing through my mind.

"Do you need to ask?"

"Right. About your sister-"

"I don't need to know" I cut her off.

She sighed as she got up from her seat.

She came back seconds later and threw an article on the table. I read the headlines and immeditaly adrealine rushed through my veins.


16th August 2014- Resident Hotel has been haunted for over 20 years. Police were gathered around the area, hiding. A few day ago, a bunch of students came to stay in the hotel for a 'trip'. Police kept an eye on the teacher in charge,Sarah Wilson. Police reasearched that she does spells at night near the ally at the back of  the hotel. They have also researched that the spells she did were to offer souls to the devil. After a few days, police noticed a car parked and a man entering the hotel. After another few days, he came out with 5 students following his lead. Police were about to approach them when a knife got stabbed through two students. The next day, the man and 3 remaining students ran out and left. Police decided to go in and investigate. They found the teachers body dead. Police got DNA scans etc. Resident Hotel is soon to be demolished.

I read the article over and over. Not believing anything. My eyes trailed over to the picture. It really was that hotel.

I stared at my mom and she noded. She knew about it all this time.

The questions running round' my head were

1) Why did Jessica die?

2) If my mom knew, why didn't she worry?

3) Was all this haunted stuff really over?


A/N:- Yaaaayy xD So this story is officialy COMPLETED..notttt. There is going to be a short epilogue after this. This is the last chapter and I hope you guys liked my story. I may or may not continue writing horror stories. I'm out of idea at the moment.  So thanks for the support, votes and reads.

Btw, jf you haven't noticed, I changed the synopsis :))


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