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hi loves, since some people don't seem to get it, i'll just rephrase it again.

this book was written 4 years AGO! It is UNEDITED, NOT READ PROOF and HASN'T BEEN LOOKED AT SINCE THEN

i was 13 when i wrote this book and i had completely no darn idea what i was doing. it was trendy to have a wattpad account back then and publish a story. but now it's different, i plan to be a good author and i don't need people to keep telling me how bad this book is.

if you don't like it, please don't read it. i did not force you to read my book whatsoever. to all y'all haters, you know who you are, I AM NOT TAKING THIS BOOK DOWN. not now not ever. so if you'd stop asking me to take it down, it'll be great.

but a huge thank you to all my other readers out there who love my book and appreciate it despite it making no sense at all. i love you all so much x


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