Final(part 2) 'Chapter 32'

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That sight kept my breath, I was in a great shock. Without wasting anytime, I rushed to them and gave them hug. Tears were uncontrollable, so I let them flow. 

"I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry!" I repeated again and again. 

"Oh my dear son." Said my mother in a worried voice. It was a long time since, I hadn't heard their voice. 

"I will never leave you!" I yelped. 

"Where were you? We searched you at every nook of this world! We never believed that you died, we are really happy that you are alive my son!" Said the heavy voice of my father. They looked so helpless and worried that their eyes got black circles. 

"I..I.." I started. 

"And what happened to your eyes?" My father cut me in. They caught whole sight of me and noticed that my eyes were red. This made their eye brows a little twitched. 

How will they know? I have become a vampire. 


I am trying a way to get this in my control. But, what to tell them? I will tell them that I have become vampire and lived for so many years lonely and leaved you all behind? Or this that I became vampire and leaved you to die in search of me? 

"He wore red lenses." Interrupted Fauna. 

Red lenses, hmm..

Looking into her eyes, I saw happiness. She was smiling. 

She lied for me? 

"Oh, okay! But where were you?" My mother cupped my face in her both hands, checking if I am fine or not. 

"I was in a well." I started without hesitation, cause I don't want Fauna to lie anymore. 

"Um, actually.." Started Fauna. 

"Fauna." I whispered her name and she became quiet. 

My parents looked puzzled. They were not talking, but trying to understand the situation. 

"I am a vampire." I consented. 

"Oh my dear son! You believed in those fake stories, I used to tell you? About ghosts, vampires? I made these fake stories only to make you sleep. You were so stubborn, it was hard for me to handle you. So, a little trick to made you sleep." My mother said. 

"No, no..No! It is true! All the stories about vampires,..ghosts, everything you told me is true!" I told. 

"What do you mean?" My father interrupted. He really looked tensed, maybe he is getting alerted? 

"It's true!" I once again repeated. 

"Fauna?" My dad rolled his eyes and met with Fauna's. 

Maybe, he don't believe me. How will he? Stories about vampire? 

"It is hundred percent true." She stated. 

"How do we believe? Do you have any evidence, son?" They looked into my eyes. 

"My red eyes." 

"B-But, these are only lenses? Right..Fauna?" It seem like there is a little doubt in my father's head. 

"Sorry! They aren't." Consented Fauna. 

"B-But you just said right now, that these are lenses, didn't you?" Asked my mother. 

"She lied for me!" I interrupted, getting all the attention of my father and mother. 

"How! How? How!!" Yelled my mother. "How did this happen? My son! How you became a vampire? Vampires are cruel! How my son!" 

"I-I really don't know anything! I was fainted for many years!" 


"Yes, after getting into the well. Everything was blur for me in there and I got fainted for so many years." 

"How much difficulties you have gone from! I am sorry, that's all my fault!" 

"I haven't after all, I found Fauna after getting out from well for the first time." My eyes met with Fauna's. 

She was smiling inside, maybe. 

"We had many adventures together." I smiled. 

"Yeah." Laughed fauna. "Getting into a fight, in a vampire world, into the dungeon and escaping and so on!"  

I have made a decision, a right decision that is I will continue my life here, with my parents and with Fauna. 


Next day was a great day, it was like my life just started. Me with my parents and Fauna. Morning was beautiful as it was always, but never felt before. Time really changes and it changes with fate. It takes fate with it. 

There started happiness in my life. Every single day was special for me. 

-The End-


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