The Truck Danger "chapter 6"

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I told her that Jack was following her and everything , which i knew .Then i gone from there and she was going to her home.

She reached home, unfortunately her parents and her brother had called a doctor , which was specialist of brain psychology.

"What's that brother" She asked by confused expressions.

Her brother hid backward the doctor and said "This is your patient doctor".

"It is unbelievable to me that my parents and my brother calling me mad and had n't any believe on me" She cried and said by pain in her heart.

She ran by painful look at her face.She was so hurt from her parents and Jack. She gone outside the home by tears in her eyes.

When she was running on the street, a truck was coming to it's full limit with yellow lights. She hadn't focused on truck . The truck came and crashed "Boom" by my one hand , as i was vampire . I can tolerate that force by my powers.

She shouted and shouted by crashing. Her voice was echoing in the whole street.

" I can't see you crying " I said by putting my hand forward her to help.

I gone with her to her home . When we arrived at her home , she was in shock at that time , she didn't knew that what was happening to her , she felt that her brain nerves were going to burst.

Jack and her parents were shocked and standing in front of me , they became so frightened to see my face.

Her brother warned me to be away from her.

"If you didn't care about her and say her that she is mad then , how can she live? tell me ! She was going to leave you all " I said in an angry mood.

"What do you mean by saying that ? she is leaving us" Jack said by walking close to me.

" She was going to be crashed by truck , how can you be so careless and not believe on her ! " I asked from them.

Her parents felt that pain , which their daughter was feeling .They hugged her with a lot of apologize and with love.

" Who are you and why you are so kind to us? " Jack asked from me.

" Jack you know who i am but , you are not recognizing me "  I said by smiling.

" Um.. I don't know ,who you are but thank you so much " .

"Pleasure" Then i went back.

" Who is he ?  and why his eyes color was red ,why he helped us? " Jack thought about me.

I forgot to tell you her name , her name was fauna. And Jack was my best friend in child hood.  

When she was so tired and wanted to remove that whole memory from her mind . She wanted to start a new life.

She gone for sleep and her parents were so regret about thinking bad for her daughter.

At that night, Jack can't sleep . 

                                                                                             To be continued...

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